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    Hi and welcome to another week,

    Great week of sessions last week – I don’t think we have done that many ‘abs’ for nearly 6-weeks and I know that a few people ended up paying the price.  I also had a couple of conversations with people about Wednesday’s session (21 minutes of abs, 12 minutes in a row at the end) where they said the last round (4-minutes) of the session was lost on them because it was just ‘too much’.  Well, to me that is great!  A great outcome (they know their limit) and a great challenge (can I push through it next time)…so look out in the first week of December when we will find out who has been doing their ‘extras’.

    Enough about last week – this week’s sessions look great on paper and I am very excited about getting them started.  We have our first 90-second rounds session for 3 weeks, a 1-minute class as hard as any that I have put together and an ‘interesting’ session scheduled for Friday that will challenge everyone.  Add to all of that another super challenging Body Work circuit, and away we go!

    The last couple of weeks have been particularly stressful for me – dealing with the reality of the pricing and timetable changes, all of the new equipment installations (not to mention chasing all of the stuff that should have arrived but is late!), trying to establish the new TANKS sessions so that when they start we have a product worth selling, finalising the October challenge, creating all of the daily session plans, weights programs for members…woe is me!  Times like these last two weeks really emphasise the importance of having an outlet in your life for stress relief…for me that is the classes at Round 1.

    When training – particularly this week just gone – I really have just been completely zoning out and focusing on whatever is filling the space 12-inches in front of my face – a bag, a speedball, a barbell, a kettlebell…or, horror of horrors, the screen on a bike (too much of that but more about that next week)!  Just zoning out (zoning in??) and going for it.  Because of this, not only did I manage to finish off the October challenge pretty well, but in the first week of November I have been able to up my training, up my lifting and get my new set of extras done.

    This week, I want everyone to ‘Get in the Zone’.  Set aside your conversations and internal excuses (I just need to get a drink, I will just stop for a second and re-tie my hair) and focus on exactly what it is you are supposed to be doing.  The party season is just around the corner and will be upon us before you know it – those regular Wednesday afternoon sessions you do might become tough to get too all of a sudden – so NOW is the time to make hay, focus, and not just ‘Get it Done’ but ‘Get it Done well’.  You are going to need a few credits in the bank come December – let’s all work on getting them now.

    Small Group Classes – TANKS

    I have been asked a few questions about the ‘Tanks’ classes in the last week or so – mostly, asking what would be in the classes.

    It is hard to answer because the one put together so far incorporate a lot of variety – unlike the Boxing sessions, I am not committing to ‘NEVER’ repeat a Tanks class – after all, a maximum of seven (7) people would have done each session – but I am certainly saying we won’t repeat them within 6-months.  But the main part of each class will be ‘lifting’ based – specifically using the new power racks and lifting platform – which means Olympic-style lifting.


    • Dead lifts
    • Squats
    • Clean and Press
    • Bench Press

    There will also be some more technical kettlebell lifts, some additional pure cardio (hence the two new rowing machines), and of course we will be making use of the new chinning rack!

    The schedule for the classes will be as follows (to begin with):

    • 6:30pm Tuesday night
    • 6:30pm Thursday night
    • 7am Saturday morning

    I am really uncertain on demand for these sessions (see below for price info) to begin with and hence want to ‘start small’.  I really do believe these sessions will enable us to provide a different style of training for those who are looking for it.  My basic idea is that one (1) TANKS session per week would be added to your existing 2-3 boxing sessions to really help drive your physical improvement.

    The classes will be limited to seven (7) attendees per session, and will be a separately priced item – these ones are not included in the price of your existing membership (however are ONLY available to Round 1 Fitness members).  The additional charge for each session will be the same as a casual class ($13.50) and I am in the process of creating a ’10-session Pass’ option and a premium membership both of which will reduce the prices of the TANKS classes.

    Formal bookings for the sessions will commence next Monday (November 14th) and there is one other caveat on the bookings – if you cancel within 36-hours of the session and no-one fills your place, you will still be billed for the session.  Unfortunately given we will be operating a long-term booking system (one month in advance) this is the only way we can ensure commitment to the sessions.

    Referrals – Referral Membership Bonus

    Just a quick reminder about the new referral scheme we have introduced.

    • Refer someone who joins for 3-months?  Receive an additional 1-week on top of your existing membership.
    • Refer someone who joins for 6-months?  Receive an additional 2-weeks on top of your existing membership.
    • Refer someone who joins for 12-months?  Receive an additional 1-month on top of your existing membership.

    Does this mean if you are a 3-month member and someone you refer joins for 12-months, you get an extra 1-month on top of your membership?  Yes, it does.  Is there a limit as to how many referral bonuses you can receive?  No – No, there isn’t!

    Gym Update #1

    Just a quick note about all the new gear that was installed this week:

    • New speed balls.
    • New Power Racks and lifting platform.
    • New car-park lighting.
    • Seven new cds – praise the lord, new music.  At last…apologies, but as I have said before, the second it is released is the second I buy it!

    I am hoping that these things make Round 1 a safer, more enjoyable gym with a greater variety of activities…

    Gym Update #2

    The ‘Gym Nazi’ is in full-swing at the moment.

    • If you don’t have a towel, you CANNOT do a class or a weights session.  Bring one.  Towels are available in the gym for sale at a cost of $5, so there is always that option, but save your money and just bring one from home.
    • You MUST wear boxing gloves when hitting any of the bags or the Floor to Ceiling Balls.  No exceptions.  None.  Put your gloves on or wear the club gloves – if you don’t want to wear the club gloves, then buys some of your own.
    • You MUST wear hand protection when using the speed balls.  Wraps are fine, cotton inner-gloves are fine, gloves are fine.  Bare-handed is NOT acceptable.

    Please don’t argue the rules and don’t intentionally flaunt them…they are there to protect the equipment and make the gym a more pleasant environment for everyone.

    Gym Update #3

    In the next week or so, there will be a new ‘set’ of Round 1 Fitness ‘club’ gloves for those people who don’t have their own.  Now, I think everyone will agree that these gloves get ‘smelly’ and unpleasant to use (by the time 8pm rolls around, they are often wet to touch because of all the sweaty hands that have been using them).

    In an effort to both extend the life of these gloves and make using them more pleasant, a new ‘Gym Nazi’ rule will be implemented:

    ‘If you are using the ‘club’ gloves, you MUST wear cotton inner-gloves’.  Now, before everyone gets stressed about this, I will have these for sale in the gym (cost of $5) so you wont need to go out and source them yourself.  With this new ‘rule’ in place, all of the sweat will get on the ‘inners’, not the gloves – this should reduce the smell and reduce that horrible ‘sweaty’ feeling.

    I really do apologise for all of the new ‘rules’ that are being implemented – I think most of them fall into the ‘common-sense’ strategy and not the ‘being difficult’ strategy and all of them have been implemented to improve the overall experience for all gym users.

    Gym Update #4

    More stuff happening this week – the new uppercut shields will (hopefully) arrive and the damaged bag-frame will be repaired…and the new 7m chinning bar will be installed.  All good news!  As I mentioned on Facebook this week, I am clearly allergic to money…everytime the Round 1 Fitness bank account gets into the black I seem to find something to force the numbers back into the numbers in the ‘red-zone’.

    Members Profile

    Thanks to Sophie Forte for providing us with a new “Members Profile” for the website – check her out here:

    Whilst you are there, have a browse through the other profiles on the site – there are some really great stories and advice being thrown up by people.  If you think you have a story to share, I would really like to add it to the site – just let me know and I will send you through a template.

    Personal Training

    It has been exciting for me to see a few members have taken up the Personal Training option – and are seeing some great results.  Check out these comments from the Facebook site this week:

    “OMG! Had my second PT session with Sean O’Neill tonight and we did half an hour of weights and I think I lifted 40kgs, did I sean? Or was I too delirious and got it wrong lol! I have to say you really don’t know what your capable of until some-one pushes you to give it a try, totally lovin it, thanks Sean!”

    I am still working through the pricing model for the PT services but at the moment you can take advantage of some real bargain prices:

    • $25 for 30 minutes.
    • $45 for 60 minutes.

    Facebook Highlights

    Great week on Facebook – a real ‘refocus’ on things which was terrific:

    -A lot of responses to the question:  ‘You know you’ve had a hard workout when…’

    -The mind CAN change the body:  ‘’

    -Some great pics of all the new gear, a shot of the October Challenge finishers board.

    -Steven Jackson ‘Getting it Done’:

    -A nice video from Jackie which I have watched a few times:

    -A bit of comedy – a Mike Tyson folk song:

    The Facebook group really is a great daily reminder about your training and WILL help keep you on track.  So have a look at the group (HERE) and get involved in the conversations.

    Link of the week

    In honour of the return of the ‘Jim Bradley’ speedballs, here is a great ‘How Too’ video for those of you who still don’t quite have the knack:

    Anyway, that is it from me for another week.

    See you in the gym!



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