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    October Challenge Learnings, New Stuff, TANKS

    Hi and welcome to another week,

    Great week last week – the multiple days of bench press, the back-to-back-to-back 5 minute rounds, the efforts of those people scrambling to get their 25 classes done for the challenge and the energy it brought to the gym…just a terrific week of training.  I was struggling with the flu (and my voice) all week but just couldn’t wait to get my own sessions done, to jump in and train alongside everyone because of the burst of energy it was giving me.

    So – with just one day left what have I got out of the challenge?  It is pretty simple really.  I have gotten an enormous sense of satisfaction about the following things:

    –         The number of people who – because of the challenge – have discovered that the world WONT end if they train on a weekend…they now have 52 (104?) more opportunities to look after themselves and hit their health and fitness goals each year.  Forever.

    –         The number of people who have upped their training from 3-4 (I need my days off) to 5 or 6 and discovered a simple truth – rather than making them feel tired, it actually fills them with energy and makes them feel GOOD.

    –         The number who have discovered that when you are a little bit sore or a little bit tight, training beats laying on the lounge chair for making you feel better…and more than that, the endorphins the exercise triggers makes you feel better.

    None of this means you don’t need an occasional rest day, or an occasional rest week – or that it isn’t OK to take a weekend off.  It doesn’t.  It just means there is no need to base a ‘religion’ on having weekends off and not training on consecutive days.  Your body is up to it, you do have the time and you if you manage it, you will reap the benefits.  As I was told by someone who had an individual challenge of completing two sessions each day in October (not a misprint!):  ‘My body is up to it.  It is just a bit of a mental battle now…when I wake in the morning it really is an effort to get changed and get to the gym…once I am there, I am fine – I feel great – it is just forcing myself to get out the door that is hard’.

    Now, I am not about to do 2 sessions per day – that is not a goal of mine right now – but I can certainly relate to the sentiment expressed.  When it hits mid-afternoon and I have already been working for 8 hours, still have 7 to go and accounts to pay etc, I have to make myself down tools to do my lifting.  But if I want to achieve my goals, it has to be done.  And strangely enough, I find at the end of the week – whether I have taken my ‘lifting’ breaks or not – I seem to have accomplished the same amount from a work perspective…making time to train makes me feel better about myself and makes me a more efficient worker.  It just does.

    October Challenge?  – It is ON!

    Well – it is nearly OFF in actual fact.  But one day remains for you to ‘Get it Done’ – if you are within range of the magical number 25, please do everything you can to get to the gym and get it finished tomorrow.  If you finish on 24, that is just the way it is…the line in the sand has been drawn and it has been drawn at number 25.

    Don’t leave yourself short.  Get it DONE.

    Gym Update #1

    As per the news last week, pricing changes will be implemented as of November 1st – that is THIS TUESDAY.

    • Casual Session:  $13.50 (was $11)
    • 10-Round Pass:  $120 (was $100)
    • 3-Months:  $250 (was $200)
    • 6-Months:  $450 (was $360)
    • 12-Months:  $650 (was $600)
    • Kids:  $49 per month (ONLY available when parent/older sibling is a Round 1 Fitness member).

    Fortnightly and monthly direct debit options remain available and these prices are available on request or they will be visible on the new membership forms…in simple terms though, a 12-month membership with monthly direct debits will go from $55 per month up to $59 per month.

    You can see that our 12-month membership has reduced in cost by the ‘least’ – and yes, I am trying to encourage everyone to move from short-term commitments to longer term ones.  12-month memberships really are great value – they already include a Round 1 Pack and when the new pricing structure takes effect they will also include a free, 30-minute PT session! – as well as providing by far the lowest cost per session of all our options – less than $4.20 per class (assuming 3-sessions per week).

    Gym Update #2

    As part of the new membership pricing structure, we will be introducing a formal referral policy.  It will work like this:

    • Refer someone who joins for 3-months?  Receive an additional 1-week on top of your existing membership.
    • Refer someone who joins for 6-months?  Receive an additional 2-weeks on top of your existing membership.
    • Refer someone who joins for 12-months?  Receive an additional 1-month on top of your existing membership.

    As implied by the ‘existing membership’ part of this policy, you must be a member to take advantage of this policy and the person you are referring must be a NEW member…those are the only caveats.

    Gym Update #3

    As hinted at last week, there are going to be some timetable changes commencing on November 1st – which basically means the weekend AFTER this one.  There are two main highlights:

    • Two new classes.
      • One at 4pm on Friday (replacing the Kids Class) to enable those of you wanting to get a jump on the weekend to get a work-out in first.
      • One at 8:15am Sunday – things to do on Sunday morning?  Hopefully the earlier session will enable you to still get your gym fix before getting on with the day.
    • Change of all weekend classes to start at 15 minutes past the hour.

    New ‘business card’ style timetables are available in the gym showing the new changes.  Please be respectful though and only grab one – these cards are cool, but very expensive to produce and once they are gone they are gone…

    Gym Update #4

    The bar scanner / key-tags have been in and operational since Tuesday this week – and it was very exciting for me to see we have given out more than 300 in 5 days.  To think that 300 of our members would have separately come into the gym in such a short time-frame is just unbelievable…the gym is there to be used and I am very pleased to say that everyone is pretty clearly using it.

    Gym Update #5

    A few people may have noticed that the shields are getting a bit ‘soft’ and feel like they don’t have any padding left?  Well, me too and accordingly I have ordered four (4) x new ones…the new shields are a slightly different shape – this is unavoidable as Jim Bradley have changed the base product.  Once these arrive, I will be sending the ones I replace back to JB for re-padding/stuffing.

    On a similar note, the broken light bag frame will be fixed as soon as the guys from Fremantle Foundry are back from the job they are working on up in Darwin…hopefully repairs will be underway in the next couple of weeks.

    Gym Update #6

    There will be some new external lighting being installed at Round 1 Fitness this week.  For some time now I have been concerned about people walking back to their cars in the dark – street lighting on Hammond Rd is less than perfect.  Anyway, I have given up fighting for the street lights to be fixed and will solve the problem myself – some lights will be installed on the pillars that ‘surround’ the front door and hopefully provide people (and their cars) with a lot more security around the 7pm and 8pm class times.

    Gym Update #7

    There is more new product on the way.  In addition to the leather ‘Round 1 Fitness’ gloves with wrist support, there are new ‘slip-on’ gloves on the way.  These will be more of a ‘Beginners’ product and wont offer quite the level of support that those with the wrist strap provide – but they will be easier to slide off and on and will be available for just $25.  I expect these gloves to last for approximately 6-months (3 classes each week) as opposed to the ones with a wrist strap which I would hope would give close to 9-months of use (again, based on 3 classes per week).

    Please keep in mind that whatever gloves you have, they don’t last forever…be sure to turn them over (just like you running shoes) once you can fell that all of the insides have been ‘compressed’.


    It has been a long time coming, but the Round 1 Fitness ‘Small Group Training’ sessions (TANKS) are nearly ready to roll.  All of the new equipment that will be used in these sessions – the power racks, new rowers etc – is scheduled to arrive this Wednesday – around 35 separate class plans have already been written (I have personally done 23 of them so far…when you see what is involved you will begin to appreciate what this means!) – and I am tentatively planning for the classes themselves to start on the week of November 21st.

    The schedule for the classes will be as follows (to begin with):

    –         6:30pm Tuesday night

    –         6:30pm Thursday night

    –         7am Saturday morning

    I am really uncertain on demand for these sessions (see below for price info) to begin with and hence want to ‘start small’.  I really do believe these sessions will enable us to provide a different style of training for those who are looking for it…

    The classes will be limited to seven (7) attendees per session, and will be a separately priced item – these ones are not included in the price of your membership (however are ONLY available to Round 1 Fitness members).  The additional charge for each session will be the same as a casual class:  $13.50.

    Interested?  Want to book a session?  Please either call me at the gym (9414 1141) or just stop me for a chat next time you are in.

    Personal Training

    It has been exciting for me to see a few members have taken up the Personal Training option – and are seeing some great results.  Sean in particular has been providing some real variety in his sessions, and for anyone who doesn’t think they could possibly work any harder than they do during the classes, well, do I have news for you.

    I am still working through the pricing model for the PT services but at the moment you can take advantage of some real bargain prices:

    –         $25 for 30 minutes.

    –         $45 for 60 minutes.

    Facebook Highlights

    Great week on Facebook with lots of comments about the challenge in particular.

    The Facebook group really is a great daily reminder about your training and WILL help keep you on track.  So have a look at the group (HERE) and get involved in the conversations.

    Link of the week

    You have to love it when kettlebells are considered a ‘modern’ training tool – check out the vintage dumbbells in this video from ‘Minute of Strength’…very cool.

    Anyway, that is it from me for another week.

    See you in the gym!



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