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    Hi and welcome to another week,

    I am really enjoying the relentlessness of the October Challenge – but harder than the classes have been the ‘extras’ – those extra goals down the bottom of the sheet that I signed my name too and committed too.

    • 20 Minutes running each day.
    • 2kms rowing each day.
    • 100 push-ups each day.
    • 100 chin-ups each day.

    Why am I writing about this today?  Because I didn’t do my rowing yesterday.  I started it, and my knee was sore – which is true – but my left knee is always sore and is always going to be sore – if I am truly honest with myself I simply chose not to finish it.  I didn’t walk the walk and I didn’t get it done.  So, I am having a complete day off today – no training, no push-ups, no nothing…having a refresh and a refocus.  And from tomorrow, all of those targets will be hit – with the additional of an EXTRA 2kms rowing each day…that is my penalty and my penance until the month is over.

    A few others have asked me to sign their class sheets over the past week – and, no problems, you have done the class so I sign the form – but I would ask you to think about this as well – are you really ‘Walking it’? – are you really ‘Getting it done’?  I know I have asked some people about their goals recently – which talk about using the 20kg barbells, and doing push-ups on their toes and quitting smoking and all kinds of things and got the ‘Not yet’ answer.  Well, we are more than halfway through the month, so ‘WHEN’?

    You are accountable to those goals at the bottom of the sheet, and if it says ‘Do a 2-minute bridge by the end of the month’, then you need to be practising this every single day.  You need to stand behind your goals and targets and hold yourself accountable – don’t fall into the trap of thinking that saying you want to achieve something is the same as achieving something…broadcasting your intentions might HELP hold you accountable, but there are very few people out there who will call you on something when you don’t follow through.

    Get it DONE!

    October Challenge?  – It is ON!

    Let’s follow up the intro (all about the challenge) with a few specifics about the challenge!  25 sessions in 31 days…how are you tracking?  To make it, you really need to be around about half way through by now – or certainly have a clear plan as to how you are going to ‘Get it Done’.  There are still 14 more days – and allowing for doubles still the opportunity to get 17 classes finished…the opportunity to finish is still there.

    What I would advise is that if the body soreness is all getting a bit too much, trade in a hot shower for a cold one (aids in recovery), squeeze in an extra 10-minutes of stretching sometime during the day and if none of that helps go the ‘old footballers’ route and grab yourself some tiger balm (my preferred), decorub, deep heat or one of the other liniments on the market.  Time spent on your rehab and recovery is going to make all the difference.

    Gym Update #1

    This is the news that I have been trying to avoid – but unfortunately there are going to be some pricing changes at Round 1 Fitness.  Before reading any further, please understand that if you have an existing membership contract in place, these changes will not impact you until the end of your current term.

    Rather than go into a long and detailed explanation of our costs / sales history and the reason why our prices have to increase, I will skip straight to the part that impacts everyone – the prices:

    • Casual Session:  $13.50 (was $11)
    • 10-Round Pass:  $120 (was $100)
    • 3-Months:  $250 (was $200)
    • 6-Months:  $450 (was $360)
    • 12-Months:  $650 (was $600)
    • Kids:  $49 per month (ONLY available when parent/older sibling is a Round 1 Fitness member).

    Fortnightly and monthly direct debit options remain available and these prices are available on request.

    You can see that our 12-month membership has reduced in cost by the ‘least’ – and yes, I am trying to encourage everyone to move from short-term commitments to longer term ones.  12-month memberships really are great value – they already include a Round 1 Pack and when the new pricing structure takes effect they will also include a free, 30-minute PT session! – as well as providing by far the lowest cost per session of all our options – less than $4.20 per class (assuming 3-sessions per week).

    Gym Update #2

    As hinted at last week, there are going to be some timetable changes commencing on November 1st.  There are two main highlights:

    • Two new classes.
      • One at 4pm on Friday (replacing the Kids Class) to enable those of you wanting to get a jump on the weekend to get a work-out in first.
      • One at 8:15am Sunday – things to do on Sunday morning?  Hopefully the earlier session will enable you to still get your gym fix before getting on with the day.
    • Change of all weekend classes to start at 15 minutes past the hour.

    Like the pricing changes, these will all take effect as at November 1st.

    Gym Update #3

    There are some more changes to the gym coming in the next few weeks.  You all know about the Power Racks and lifting platform, but other equipment on the way includes a couple of new rowing machines and a trap bar…and some new kettlebells (there are some 20kg ones available now – to ‘ease the jump’ from the 16kg’s to the 24kg ones).

    In the office area, quite a few new things will be made available:

    • New speed ropes to give those of you who really want to push your training, do doubles effectively and (most importantly) not waste 3 minutes trying to find the ‘perfect’ rope each time there is a skipping station in the class.
    • New range of simple, clean protein.
    • Ab Wheels.
    • Two additional types of boxing gloves – a quick ‘slip-on’ style for those people who have trouble with the wrist straps and aren’t as concerned about wrist protection and a range of MMA-style gloves that are perfect for the Thursday ‘1-minute Rounds’.
    • New range of Powerade Energy drinks.

    There will be a bit of reorganising happening in the office to support all of the new gear.

    Gym Update #4

    A reminder about last week’s news re- Check-in changes.  Our key tags didn’t arrive last week – but I am promised that they will this week!  You will be receiving a new key-tag with a bar-code that you will scan upon arrival in the gym.  The key tags look cool (they look like the car stickers actually!) and hopefully having a reminder of the gym on your key-ring rather than hidden at the back of your wallet will encourage you to squeeze in just one extra session every week.

    Again, there is no need for you to chase this up – when the keys arrive we will start handing them out – but if it seems that everyone has one EXCEPT for you, then maybe a gentle reminder to me wouldn’t go astray.


    Just a quick reminder than the CHOGM conference – and associated public holiday – is on Friday October 28th.  The gym will be operating on Public Holiday hours on that day – 9am è 1pm – with classes at 9:15, 10am and 11am.

    Lost Property

    There is a LOT of stuff in the lost property pile at the moment – at the end of this month it will be emptied out and donated to charity.  If you even THINK you might be missing something, please have a look through the box before the end of the month…

    New Member Profiles

    I have two more ‘ready to go’ which will go up in the next couple of weeks.  If you are interested in documenting your own training journey – maybe a story about the impact of the October Challenge? – then let me know and I can send through the template.

    Facebook Highlights

    A quieter week on Facebook this week – my fault mainly, as I simply struggled to find the time to post the links that seem to generate discussion and keep the site ticking over.

    That said, there was an interesting thread about October Challenge ‘goals’, some discussion about the comedic value of Superman Swimmers, a prayer to the Round 1 Fitness session planning gods, lots of discussion about the week’s Body Work session and positive comments about doing the Kettlebell “Figure 8’s”.

    The Facebook group really is a great daily reminder about your training and WILL help keep you on track.  So have a look at the group (HERE) and get involved in the conversations.

    Link of the week

    More motivation for this weeks link…I love this clip – ‘How Bad do you Want it’:

    Anyway, that is it from me for another week.

    See you in the gym!



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