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    October challenge progress, Key-tags, Boxing Motivation

    Hi and welcome to another week,

    Great sessions last week.  Really loved all the leg work – I needed it – and whilst I struggled with a bit of soreness/tightness after Tuesday, I bounced back pretty quickly after the second ‘bout’ of sprint starts on Thursday…maybe I am getting a little bit better at them?

    I am struggling a little with my ‘extras’ in the October Challenge.  The 20-minute run/2km row/100 pushups are all pretty easy to nail – it is the 100 pull-ups that cause me a problem.  When I remember to do them ‘bit by bit’ as the day goes by – no problem.  When I am left with 50+ to do at the end of the day?  BIG problem.  How are you tracking with your goals for the month?

    What’s on the cards for the week ahead?  Old school boxing focussed session on Monday, high-cardio Tuesday, very challenging 3-minute rounds on Wednesday, an ‘interesting’ twist on 1-minute rounds on Thursday and 5-minute rounds Friday with a real body weight ‘focus’.  As for the Body Work class, well – Jason, Sean and myself have had several discussions about how we are actually going to ‘run’ the session (which has led to a few changes) as it is different to anything we have ever done before…to all of you dedicated 7pm’ers out there, I say ‘Good LUCK’!

    October Challenge?  – It is ON!

    25 sessions in 31 days…how are you tracking?

    If you are ‘IN’ for the challenge, then things might be starting to get a little bit tough – you have probably done 6 or 7 (or more?) sessions in the last week, your body is feeling a little bit tired and your friends and family and workmates are telling you that you are ‘crazy’ and should just ‘take a few days off’.

    Me?  I say ‘forget that’.  If you just keep getting yourself to the gym and focussing on each session one at a time, then you can absolutely keep on going.  Focus on the micro – the one session you are there for, the round you are doing, the rep you are completing/punch you are throwing and just get it done.

    25 in 31 days is going to be something to be proud of.  At the end, you are going to feel a real sense of achievement – and be well along the track to reaching those goals you have committed to on the bottom of your challenge sheet…

    Gym Update #1

    Look for a change at Round 1 Fitness in the next few days.  Our member check-in system will be changing and all of our members will be receiving new key-tags to automate the check-in process.  The key tags look cool (they look like the car stickers actually!) and hopefully having a reminder of the gym on your key-ring rather than hidden at the back of your wallet will encourage you to squeeze in just one extra session every week.

    No need for you to chase this up – when the keys arrive we will start handing them out – but if it seems that everyone has one EXCEPT for you, then maybe a gentle reminder to me wouldn’t go astray.  Just on that, I never forget things ‘on purpose’ but sometimes I do neglect to tick every box for every person…if you have missed out, just let me know so I can FIX it!  I want you guys to be HAPPY at Round 1 – if something is bugging you, please just let me know.

    Gym Update #2

    Just to let everyone know I am a fair way down the track with some class scheduling changes…full details next week, but some highlights are:

    • Earlier session on Sunday morning.
    • All weekend classes changed to start at 15 minutes after the hour.
    • Thursday sessions renamed to ‘1-minute rounds’.
    • A new ‘Body Work’ class added at 1pm on Tuesday (to make up for the one that has been missed since the advent of 1-minute rounds.

    The timetable changes are planned to take effect as at October 31st (a Monday) so nothing immediate to stress about.

    Gym Update #3

    Gym Nazi stuff (which is basically a repeat of last week!):

    • Casuals, Scoopon and 10-round Pass holders:  The passes are for the classes, NOT for the gym/cardio and certainly not for a class AND a gym or cardio session.
    • Please don’t come in through the roller door…be respectful and come in through the office, make sure you are checked in (if you are a member) or sign-in (for casuals) before going near ANY of the equipment.  Running late?  Doesn’t matter…go through the office and do the right thing, it only takes a moment or two.
    • Put your rubbish in the bins.  The plastic tops off the bottled water seem to be getting thrown all over the place – please, just put them in the bin.  This one really is just common courtesy to other gym users.
    • Put your weights away.  Things were better this week, but for some reason the leg press still gets treated as a weights ‘tree’.  We all know that the weights area is pushed for space – if we all make sure the gear is put away properly, then there will be more room to move about!

    Lost Property

    There is a LOT of stuff in the lost property pile at the moment – at the end of this month it will be emptied out and donated to charity.  If you even THINK you might be missing something, please have a look through the box before the end of the month…

    New Member Profiles

    There have been a couple of new member profiles go up in the last couple of weeks – one for Corey Williams and another for Corrie-Ann Andrews.  They both have some really insightful (and inspirational) things to say about their own training journey and I would encourage you to check them out…and whilst you are at it, have a look at the archived profiles here (and maybe even think about doing one of your own?).

    Facebook Highlights

    Along with some sharing of goals for the October Challenge and the usual banter about the classes, the following links were shared on the Facebook group this week:

    As I have mentioned it is a great daily reminder about your training and WILL help keep you on track.  So have a look at the group (HERE) and get involved in the conversations.

    Link of the week

    Real simple this week – boxing motivation from ‘halfproduction’.  This is a bit different to a few others I have seen – no ‘rah rah’ music for a start – and really is training focussed.


    Anyway, that is it from me for another week.

    See you in the gym!



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