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    Feedback, September Challenge, Pushups on the Rings

    Hi and welcome to another week,
    I loved the class last Wednesday – but my poor, poor abs. 15 minutes worth in one class really does push the limits! The rest of the week was a lot of fun as well (but those 3-rounds of split jumps on Monday were a bit much!) and the Body Work class (codename: Pushup Torture Session) just had that feeling of relentlessness about it.
    This week, I am really looking forward to Friday’s session – it is set up with 3 x 7 round ‘mini-circuits’ with loads of boxing and a heap of cardio…it is going to be challenging in every way (plus, Friday afternoon sessions count for DOUBLE). Just on that, over the last couple of weeks class numbers have been really strong in all peak time-slots – excepting Tuesday at 5pm and all of the Friday evening classes…so if you are looking for a session that is a bit ‘quieter’ and still want to train after work, those are the two times to pick!
    As a result of the email issues during the past week – apologies again for the issues with my email send ‘filter’ – I received some interesting feedback from a few former gym users – I have pasted a couple of samples below:

    • …I also did not feel like I was able to participate at my own pace to ease back into such high intensity training. Although encouraging your clients to train at 100% is commendable, sometimes it is important to start at your own pace and know that the trainer is supporting you in doing so.
    • … I actually did enjoy the work outs at Round One but I felt there was no leniency in the sessions and that there was no room for people to train at their own pace/level/within their capability.

    This is where things get difficult for us within a group training environment. Our intention is always to push people beyond what they ‘think’ they can do to reach the limits of their current potential. Clearly this approach does not suit everyone and clearly (again) we don’t always get things right – but certainly pushing people hard IS the plan – pushing them so hard that they cannot move for a week is NOT part of our plan. To an extent, this is where the Beginners sessions come in, but I understand not everyone can attend those classes.
    At the same time, when we allow one person in a group of ‘8’ to take short-cuts, before we blink our eyes five (5) people will have dropped the gears on the bike, stopped doing a pushup with their burpee or be standing still having a drink with their barbell on the ground at their feet. In a group environment, the attitude and actions of one person can quickly become the attitude and actions of the ‘team’. That said, if you are INJURED and need to replace some exercises with those recommended to you by your medical team – just let us know. ‘I wont be doing any jumping today – my Physio says that the impact is too much for me’ is perfectly fine – you won’t be the only person in this category…and whilst doing body weight squats rather than jump squats will reduce the cardio benefits / fat burning benefits of the workout, better to be making slow(er) progress than NO progress because you have to stop.

    Please also understand though that the trainers are NOT medical people. When you say you have a sore knee (for example), it is difficult for us to advise you ‘exactly’ what you should do about it – this advice really should be coming from your doctor or physio. Depending on the nature of the injury you might need to stop any jumping/impact exercises – or you might need to stop everything altogether. Ask for advice on these things before coming to the gym – that way you will be comfortable (and confident) that what you are doing will not make things ‘worse’.

    We also tend to assume that everyone ‘knows’ what they are doing to an extent (obviously not in the beginners class) and this is clearly an area that we need to get better at – please help us with this by paying attention to any exercise demos at the start of each session (rehearsing it for yourself during the demo is a good plan!) and importantly ASKING QUESTIONS as the session proceeds. From a trainer’s perspective, I think all of the team are doing a good job however like everyone, we can always get better – as such we are having a real push to cover off exercise technique at the moment, trying to ensure that everyone is maximising the benefits they get from each activity.

    My only other comment on all of this is a pretty simple one – if you have feedback for us, please share it. There is no need to feel like you are doing the ‘wrong’ thing if you have negative things to say – we WANT to be better. We WANT you to be having a great experience at every session. If you aren’t happy, please say so and in that way we can try to address the issues and move ahead.

    September Challenge – It is ON!

    There are only 5-days left. FIVE. “Get it DONE”. And if you have already done it, “GET IT DONE AGAIN”.

    The idea of the challenges is to push yourself to continually improve your time during the month – push yourself to take your training to another (higher!) level. Doing it once then deciding it is too hard – that is not the idea at all (though it is better than deciding it is too hard before you even try!). It is supposed to be about trying to continually improve – to prove to yourself that you are fitter and stronger at the end of the month than you were at the start. So whether you are on top of the leaderboard, at the bottom or (like me) somewhere in the middle, let’s all commit to having ‘one more try’ before the week is over.

    The challenge circuit is listed below:
    • 1km run on the treadmill
    • 1 minute bridge
    • 25 clean and press (minimum weights: 10kg for girls, 15kg for boys)
    • 1km row (level 10)
    • 1 minute bridge
    • 25 clean and press (minimum weights: 10kg for girls, 15kg for boys)
    • 1km on the cross-trainer (level 16)
    Details are on the white board so don’t worry, no need to remember it all – the thing you do need to remember is that September only has 30 days…so if you want a time on the board (and a chance to improve it), this week is the week to get it done.

    Gym Update #1

    There is still one desk at the front of the Round 1 Fitness office area that is ‘free to a good home’. This desk has a few draws and has basically never been used. If you want it, let me know!

    Gym Update #2

    Just a quick reminder to casuals, Scoopon and 10-round Pass holders: The passes are for the classes, NOT for the gym/cardio and certainly not for a class AND a gym or cardio session.
    If you want to have full access to all the equipment at Round 1 Fitness – great – have a chat to us about memberships – you will save a heap of money and adding some pure cardio and weight lifting to your boxing sessions can really amp up your results – otherwise, please help us all avoid awkward conversations and play by the rules.

    Gym Update #3

    There is a bit of an issue with the ‘Members kits’ at the moment – actually, there are a couple of issues:
    1. Our supplier has reneged on the latest order (after sitting on it for two weeks.
    2. Because of point 1, we are very likely going to run out of packs – I suspect there will be a gap of around 1-2 weeks between us running out and the next ‘batch’ arriving.
    I have found a new supplier and will be ordering a new set of ‘packs’ within the next week or so (just trying to negotiate a ‘better’ bag as part of the pack) however we may run short for a week or two in the middle…

    Training Stories

    I thought I would add in a section to detail some of the ‘extra’ sessions people have been doing – as a first week trial, I will do me!

    • Monday – September Challenge + weights workout.  10 Sets of 10 reps each of:
      • Fence Pulls
      • Dumbell Bench Press (30kg)
      • Chin-ups
      • Push-ups
      • Pec Flyes (16kg)
        Probably could have/should have gone heavier on the weights.
    • Tuesday – Class – Thanks to Jason.  Tough session.
      Kettlebell Workout

      • 50 Double Skips
      • 50 Kettlebell Clean and Press
      • 50 Box Jumps
      • 50 Kettlebell Snatch
      • 50 Turkish Get Ups
        Couldn’t finish the TGU’s – stopped at 30.
    • Wednesday – Class – thanks Leila.  Really enjoyable session and those abs were great.
      • 2 x 2km Rows – On the 8-minutes…rest was approx 40 seconds.  Finished the second 2km effort in 7:53 so happy with that.

      Thursday – Class.  Thanks Sean – love the one-minute rounds, inch-worms were great.
      Kettlebell Workout

      • 20 Double Skips – 20 Pushups – 10 Chinups – 10 Kbell Snatch (each arm)
      • 19 Double Skips – 19 Pushups – 10 Chinups – 10 Kbell Snatch (each arm)
      • 18 Double Skips – 18 Pushups – 10 Chinups – 10 Kbell Snatch (each arm)
      • …all the way down to…
      • 10 Double Skips – 10 Pushups – 10 Chinups – 10 Kbell Snatch (each arm)
      • 11 Double Skips – 11 Pushups – 5 Chinups – 5 Kbell Snatch (each arm)
      • 12 Double Skips – 12 Pushups – 10 Chinups – 10 Kbell Snatch (each arm)
      • …all the way up to…
      • 19 Double Skips – 19 Pushups – 5 Chinups – 5 Kbell Snatch (each arm)
      • 20 Double Skips – 20 Pushups – 5 Chinups – 5 Kbell Snatch (each arm)
        Very hard – took nearly an hour to complete.  Would love to give it a go maintaining 10-chinups/10 Snatch the whole way through!
    • Friday – Class.  Thanks Leila – hounded me on the bikes and I was feeling lazy!
    • Saturday – Class.  Thanks J – lots of variety, loved the Barbell Jump Thrusts.

    So – that was me last week.  I would love to hear your training stories and understand the ways some of you guys are challenging yourselves.  If you would like to submit to ‘Training Stories’ I would love to here it!

    Facebook Highlights

    Lot’s of videos on Facebook this week:

      • It is NOT your body, it is your MIND:
      • How to Tuck Jump:
      • GSP:
      • Transformation truth:
      • How the ‘Punch out’ drill is supposed to look:

    There were also some discussion about the inch worm pushups, Bakers Delight Custard and Almond Scrolls, some talk about ‘back-to-back-to-back’ classes and the usual banter and fun about the class content. As I have mentioned it is a great daily reminder about your training and WILL help keep you on track. So have a look at the group (HERE) and get involved in the conversations.

    Link of the week

    This week’s link of the week has been floating around the Facebook pages of a couple of Round 1 Fitness members this week (thanks to Bex and Jenelle for this one) and shows a few variations of ‘Ring Pushups’.


    When it gets to the variation captioned ‘These are quite hard’ you can interpret that as ‘These are really, really, really, really hard’.  Next time we are using the rings, give a few of these a go – really good way to amp things up and test yourself.
    Anyway, that is it from me for another week.
    See you in the gym!



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