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    Commit (don’t dream), Lots (and lots) of Links

    Hi and welcome to another week,

    Well – so much for that!  Believe it or not I try to ‘pre-record’ as much of my blog as possible – that way, Sunday becomes a 60-90 minute work effort rather than a 2hours plus effort…today’s blog ‘shell’ said ‘write something about the fun-run’ in this first section.  Well, the run was cancelled so I guess that means my blog can be cancelled too?

    What I wanted to write about was about road-blocks and finding a way through – not race cancellations.  About how you shouldn’t waste time dreaming about things – you need to COMMIT to them.  And how expecting things just to progress in a nice, steady, linear way will put you on the short-track to disappointment (which will then cause you to give up).  Now – how I was going to work all that into the ‘fun-run’ stuff still remains a little unclear to me – but, believe me that was the plan.

    This all came about by running a few ‘attendance’ reports over the past few months – I have noticed a couple of things.  If you ignore the ‘outliers’ (people who always come, people who rarely come) and those others who religiously attend their 2 or 3 sessions each week, it seems that there are a large group of people who seem to swap between training 5 times a week and not training at all.  Then 6-8 weeks later, they all swap over again.

    Now, some of this – especially in winter – can be attributed to illness.  Some of it can be attributed to travel/holidays.  And some of it will be attributed to spikes in work commitments, changes at home etc (but remember, “I don’t have time to train, I MAKE time to train”) – and all of that makes sense to me.  But I also think there is a large number of people who ‘go hard’ because they have a dream – of how they might want to look/feel/be – then stop cold when the vision and reality are not a match a few short weeks later.  A month or so later, they have another ‘swing of the bat’ and the cycle begins again.

    So what does all this mean?  It certainly doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have dreams – but you need to turn those dreams into something ‘tangible’ (a goal!) and commit to achieving it…and put a plan around achieving it.  Those of you who monitor the Facebook site would have seen I have been posting details of some of my ‘extra’ workouts on that group lately.  Now, I am not doing this to show-off – it is because I have committed to three extra sessions each week for the month of September and posting it on Facebook makes me accountable for the completing the workouts.

    I have also decided that I will be making a similar commitment around diet for the month of October – and will be doing my level best to stick to a firm eating plan from the 1st to the 31st (why couldn’t I have picked February – less days!!) and publishing those results on Facebook too.  Again, it is about having a goal and committing to it, not having a dream and hoping for the best.

    Remember, your progress is not going to be nice and neat and linear.  You will plateau – you might even go backwards – but giving up is not the answer.  Committing fully to your goals is what you need to do – just don’t expect it to happen (it wont) – you need to be consistent (persistent?), patient and determined.  And when you do hit a ‘plateau’, don’t worry.  You need to remind yourself that it is all part of the natural cycle of things, commit yourself to achieving your goals – focussing hard on your training and diet – then reassess and remeasure again once a few weeks have passed.

    September Challenge – It is ON!

    The challenge is on and the list of names on the board is up at 30.  I really want to see at least 50 names on the board by the end of the month…if you aren’t up there – have a go.  You will be amazed at the effort required and the boost it gives to your training.  The challenge circuit is listed below:

    • 1km run on the treadmill
    • 1 minute bridge
    • 25 clean and press (minimum weights:  10kg for girls, 15kg for boys)
    • 1km row (level 10)
    • 1 minute bridge
    • 25 clean and press (minimum weights:  10kg for girls, 15kg for boys)
    • 1km on the cross-trainer (level 16)

    Details are on the white board so don’t worry, no need to remember it all – the thing you do need to remember is that September only has 30 days…so if you want a time on the board (and a chance to improve it), this week is the week to get it done.

    Gym Update #1

    There are two desks in the front of the office area which are ‘free to a good home’.  The desks are essentially brand new (one in particular has never been used), one has draws and one doesn’t.  The only requirement is that if you want them you need to let me know (quickly) and arrange to come and pick them up.

    I want to try and set that little area up as a massage area rather than ‘general junk and storage’ and this can’t be done whilst the desks are there.

    Gym Update #2

    All of the weights in the upstairs area have been moved ‘around’ in order to create a clearer passage way from the upstairs toilets to the stairway…the move has also allowed a few machines to be shifted around to create a bit of extra ‘swing room’ upstairs.

    If you are upstairs lifting, please remember to put your weights away on the weights tree when you have finished.  Aside from it being disrespectful to other users of the gym – they can’t do their workout until they have packed up from YOUR workout – it really is a pain having to spend 20 minutes upstairs at 9pm packing all of the gear away.  It isn’t hard – if you use it, put it away.

    Gym Update #3

    As per last week’s note, there are 30 new skipping ropes in the gym now which is great news for those people who enjoy one of the best of all cardio exercises – skipping.  On a similar theme to that above though, please remember when you have finished with your rope – hang it up…when you have finished with your barbell, put it on the rack and when you have finished with your kettlebell, put it back where you got it.  It really does help the classes flow easily when the people in the following group aren’t searching left and right for the gear they need.

    Gym Update #4

    Quick note about memberships at Round 1 Fitness:

    –         3 months = $200 (no more to pay).

    –         6 months = $360 (no more to pay).

    –         12 months = $600 (no more to pay).

    Payment by direct debit (fortnightly or monthly) is available for each of the packages.

    Membership entitles you to unlimited boxing sessions – there are more than 50 each week – and full access to use the gym equipment – including the cardio gear – anytime the gym is open.  Remember also, the classes change every single day – every day – and we are continuing to add to and develop the equipment list.  In the last 6 months alone we have added:

    For the classes:

    –         Power ropes

    –         Kettlebells

    –         20kg barbells

    –         5kg barbells

    –         More/more/more skipping ropes

    For the gym:

    –         Summit trainer

    –         Lifefitness Cross Trainer

    –         2 treadmills

    –         Back extension

    And the Power Racks are on the way!

    Facebook Highlights

    Lot’s of videos on Facebook this week:

    There were also some photos of the new weights room setup, some talk about a few ‘extra’ workouts done by members during the week and the usual banter and fun about the class content.  As I have mentioned it is a great daily reminder about your training and WILL help keep you on track.  So have a look at the group (HERE) and get involved in the conversations.

    Link of the week

    Simple link of the week this week – 5 rules for getting the ‘MOST’ out of your training…easy tips that everyone can follow like ‘Carry your water bottle with you’, ‘stop the chatter’ etc etc.  The presenter is Gabrielle Reece and she has a heap of good exercise videos on her YouTube ‘channel’ – well worth a further look.

    Anyway, that is it from me for another week.

    See you in the gym!



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