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    It is up to me, Challenge, Parking, Fat-burning for Girls

    Hi and welcome to another week,

    Another great week of sessions last week – I am loving the box jumps (though my aching calf muscles – thanks City to Surf – haven’t been quite as happy) – and I particularly enjoyed Friday’s session.  Nothing like a few burpees to get the heart rate up and the session underway…

    More of the same scheduled for the week ahead.  We have a bit of a throwback class on the agenda for Monday, a fantastic new bodyweight circuit has been integrated into this weeks “Body Work” session and Thursday’s 1-minute rounds have a particular muscle group focus that will challenge (and surprise) everyone.

    Received a great ‘Tweet’ today:

    ‘The health and fitness industry always over-emphasizes the physical.  I’ll say it again for the cheap seats, “the physical part is easy”.’  (@gymjones).

    In honour of this statement – and all of the new motivational posters adorning the walls at the gym – I wanted to share with everyone my single favourite quote:

    ‘If it is to be, it is up to me’.

    This has really been brought home to me over the past couple of weeks when the ‘business’ of Round 1 Fitness has been causing me all kinds of issues (Parking, Customs and now City of Cockburn Health Services) that at times threatened to completely overwhelm me.  They have certainly caused a fair bit of loss of sleep and to anyone (everyone?) who has borne the brunt of my stress adjusted attitude, I do apologise.  But after a bit of soul searching, I came back to my quote – ‘If it is to be, it is up to me’ – and reminded myself that there is no problem too great that it cannot be broken down and solved, that everyone – EVERYONE – is going through huge stresses in their work and family life that is impacting on their training, their outlook, their ability to function???  So, suck it up and get going (is the message I gave to myself).

    Whether or not you are feeling motivated doesn’t really have much at all to do with whether or not you train (or watch your diet, or even get out of bed in the morning).  But if you want to meet your goals, it truly is up to you to DO something.  It is up to you to act.

    For me, action – immediate action, repeated action – was the way out of the rut.  And a couple of the problems are solved and a couple aren’t…but the time spent training hasn’t exactly impacted on the resolution time.  Or on the fact that there are still things to do – there are ALWAYS things to do.  The opportunity to train today – today – will disappear in a flash, and the workouts you miss you can never have back and never make up.

    Now, maybe you don’t need the wake-up call that I needed last Tuesday night – but maybe (like me) you’ve missed a few sessions lately, or over-indulged on Fathers Day.  So remember, the time to start working on your summer body is now.  The time to get rid of those bad habits that are holding you back in the gym (30 seconds to put your gloves on? stopping for a drink during a round?) is now.  Whatever it is you are hoping to do or achieve, the best time for it is right now.

    September Challenge – And we are OFF!

    Challenge…CHALLENGE….CHAAAAAALLLLLEEEENNNGGE.   We are off and the results are starting to fill the board – terrific.  If you are nervous about having a go at the circuit – don’t be.  Remember, the challenge is about individuals trying to make themselves fitter, leaner, stronger – not to prove anything to others and certainly not for individuals to feel embarrassed.  Getting through the circuit once per week until the end of the month will really help ramp up your training and you will be pleasantly surprised at the improvements that you are able to make.

    A reminder of the challenge circuit:

    • 1km run on the treadmill
    • 1 minute bridge
    • 25 clean and press (minimum weights:  10kg for girls, 15kg for boys)
    • 1km row (level 10)
    • 1 minute bridge
    • 25 clean and press (minimum weights:  10kg for girls, 15kg for boys)
    • 1km on the cross-trainer (level 16)

    Details are on the white board so don’t worry, no need to remember it all.  Coming into summer adding the challenge to your weekly plan could be just the thing to help you tick off those fitness and weight loss goals.

    Gym Update #1

    I have been really improving with the new speed balls in the past week or so…happy to say that with the smaller two sizes I am ‘nearly’ as good as I was with the old JB balls – the bigger ones?  Well, I guess saying that more practise is required is one way of putting it!

    I have really enjoyed the challenge of focussing on my rhythm and getting it right – how are you going?

    Gym Update #2

    Really happy to say that the gloves arrived – with two new colours (Red and Blue) available and they look and feel great.  I invested in a new pair of black gloves – it really is amazing how much better my hands feel post workout now (and the soft leather used to make them is great).

    Have a look at them next time you are in the gym – $35 per pair is pretty good value for all leather gloves with a wrist strap as well.

    Gym Update #3

    Just a reminder about the parking issue noted last week – between the hours of 7am and 5pm, please respect the signage on the parking bays.  One of the bays will be remarked this week and two new bays marked out…outside of those hours, please feel free to park in any of the bays.  Guiding principle is to be sensible and respect our co-tenant – if we all do that (and this includes not throwing water bottles and other rubbish all over the car-park!) then there wont be any problems.

    Gym Update #4

    Just reminding everyone about the personal training options available to Round 1 Fitness members:

    • $25 for 30-minutes.
    • $40 for 60-minutes.

    Now, I like to think that these prices are pretty good (compared with the rest of the market in any case!) but again, like our weights area, PT services are not core to the Round 1 business and the primary point of offering them is the same as the recent purchase of the back extension machine – to ensure our members are able to access the full range of services available to members of other gyms.

    Facebook Highlights

    Big week on the Facebook site.  Some of the highlights were:

    Lots of other stuff on the site last week – as I have mentioned it is a great daily reminder about your training and WILL help keep you on track.  So have a look at the group (HERE) and get involved in the conversations.

    Link of the week

    OK.  Now – a special link this week for Simone (she knows who she is) – a exercise link for girls 2 weeks in a row!  I do try to split these links up pretty evenly between girl/guy focussed activities but if I am slipping up and the links are not of interest – or are too ‘male’ oriented! – please just speak up (or email up) and tell me what you are after…

    So…with summer approaching, here is an article that claims to have the inside run on the 11 ‘BEST’ exercises for Fat Burning for women:

    Now, the article (and the website) is great, so I suggest you check it out – including the embedded YouTube video.  If you just want to cut to the chase though, here is the list:

    1. Kettle bell Swings (stationary or walking)
    2. Walking Lunges
    3. Chin Ups or Pull Ups (assisted if necessary)
    4. Push Ups (all varieties)
    5. Kettle Bell Turkish Get-Up
    6. Squats (all variety- back, front, jump, single leg)
    7. The Prowler
    8. Boxing
    9. Jump Rope
    10. Slide Board
    11. Battling Ropes

    Pretty happy to say that most of these things we do in every session at Round 1 Fitness (though we don’t use a ‘Prowler’ and I have no real plans to get one!) – so keep your training going, watch your diet and the results are right there waiting for you!

    Anyway, that is it from me for another week.

    See you in the gym!



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