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    Persistence, PT, City to Surf and Rowing

    Hi and welcome to another week,

    Last week was a fun week of classes – lot’s of abs early in the week and a super-session on Friday…it really is amazing what you can achieve (and how exhausted you can become) in 10 short minutes (actually, 8 short minutes but because it felt like at least 10 let’s stick with that!).  A lot of diversity in the week ahead as well – pretty sure I am going to wake up a very sore boy on more than one morning in the week ahead.

    I just wanted to talk a little bit about persistence this week.  Through the Scoopon promotion in particular, we have seen a lot of new faces through the doors at Round 1 over the past couple of months – and some people may have found themselves seeing immediate, positive results in their fitness, body-shape or weight whilst others may not have felt or seen anything except for exhaustion!  In both cases, persistence is going to be required – for those ‘fast-starters’, a plateau is ahead (it IS) and you will need to fight through it, for ‘slow’ starters it is a matter of remaining positive despite perhaps being unhappy with the lack of reward you are receiving for your initial efforts.

    But what are your options?  Give up altogether?  If you are finding results hard to come by when you are training, do you really think that stopping your training or reducing your effort levels will lead to success?  What is quitting going to achieve?  Redoubling your efforts and really focusing in on the ‘little things’ (how honest is your food diary?  Who is reviewing it?  Are you getting in those little ‘extras’ at the gym that can really elevate your training?) is the only way to go.  In short, don’t slow down – speed up.  Don’t give up – push ahead.

    Feeling a bit sluggish on a scheduled training day?  Keep going – get to the gym and get your session done.  You will find that once you are there and going, you will find the energy to finish.  And once you finish, you will feel a sense of pride and achievement, rather than the feelings of regret and disappointment you would experience if you missed the session.  Your training journey will be full of ups and downs – but what you are after is continual improvement over the long term…if you think of a graph what you will see is a series of undulations but an overall trendline that is heading UP.

    And for those people thinking that none of this applies to them, that they have given it ‘two sessions’ (or ‘two weeks’, or ‘two months’) and ‘STILL’ haven’t got the results they are after, I offer you a quote from Thomas Edison:
    “Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up”.

    Persist.  If you just stick at it, just stay the course, you will get the results you are after…and remember, if you need some extra help or an extra push – just ASK!!!

    Gym Update #1

    Just a quick note to let everyone know that if you are a Round 1 Fitness member and interested in Personal Training services, they are available to you.  A few people are aware that I am not the biggest believer in one-on-one training – the main reason for this is that because of the costs I do not see it as something that enables a sustainable lifestyle change for the long-term.  BUT – I do accept that to provide your training with a short term boost, or to meet a specific fitness target – it is a viable solution.

    Costs at the gym will be pretty straight forward:

    • $25 for 30-minutes.
    • $40 for 60-minutes.

    Now, I like to think that these prices are pretty good (compared with the rest of the market in any case!) but again, like our weights area, PT services are not core to the Round 1 business and the primary point of offering them is the same as the recent purchase of the back extension machine – to ensure our members are able to access the full range of services available to members of other gyms.

    Gym Update #2

    Very excited to announce that the new treadmills have arrived and have been getting put to use.  Which – as promised – brings me to the next ‘Round 1 CHALLENGE’!  It won’t start (officially) until September but this is the plan:

    • 1km run on the treadmill
    • 1 minute bridge
    • 25 clean and press (minimum weights:  10kg for girls, 15kg for boys)
    • 1km row (level 10)
    • 1 minute bridge
    • 25 clean and press (minimum weights:  10kg for girls, 15kg for boys)
    • 1km on the cross-trainer (level 16)

    Details will be on the white board so don’t worry, no need to remember it all.  It is a bit different to the other challenges (all of which could be ‘knocked off’ in 10 minutes or less) but I figured coming into summer it would really ramp up everyone’s cardio and help them meet their fitness and weight loss goals.

    Gym Update #3

    Best of luck to everyone (anyone??) running in the ‘City to Surf’ events next Sunday morning.  For anyone who – like me – is running but missed the ‘early registration’ deadline, I will be heading into the Convention Centre on Wednesday to pick up my runners pack.  If you would like me to collect your runner’s pack when I am in there, please drop off a copy of your ‘eTicket’ at the gym on either Monday or Tuesday (or before 9am on Wednesday if you must leave it until the ‘death’) and that way you can pick your pack from the gym rather than having to head into the city.

    If you do the run, don’t forget to post your time, stories and any photo’s on the Round One Fitness Facebook page!

    Gym Update #4

    The new speedballs should arrive this week – the new gloves should arrive this week…both have been sitting in customs since mid-week and they should be released any day.  Here’s hoping.

    Gym Update #5

    As mentioned last week, hand towels are now available in the gym for purchase at the cost of just $5.  Remember, you MUST have a towel with you at every session you do – it is a simple courtesy to the other gym users that you wipe any equipment clean after you have finished using it.

    Facebook Highlights

    Another fun week on Facebook:

    Lots of other stuff on the site last week – as I have mentioned it is a great daily reminder about your training and WILL help keep you on track.  So have a look at the group (HERE) and get involved in the conversations.

    Link of the week

    OK – something a little different this week – combination cardio + strengthening using a rowing machine.  It is all about being just a little bit innovative and mixing things up:

    Anyway, that is it from me for another week.

    See you in the gym!



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