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    Making Hay, Reasons for training, New Gear arrives

    Hi and welcome to another week,

    Another really enjoyable week of classes last week – I enjoyed the Friday session most of all (‘Kettlebell Clean and Press’ followed by Bench Press followed by heavy bag conditioning was a great challenge) and it really finished the week off well.  For those people who watch the Facebook group you would have seen that as well as getting through a class each day – and my 20-minutes running each day – I also completed a training circuit called ‘The 300’ each day.

    The main question this has triggered has been ‘why’?  And I guess the same question could be directed at other people who have been adding in a Burpee circuit after each class, who are spending time on the treadmills or Summit Trainer after every circuit, who get to the gym to lift weights on their ‘off’ days…etc.  The answers though are as individual as the people who are completing the sessions…and as individual as the reasons why anyone comes to the gym at all.

    For me, the reason was simple – I basically wanted to make hay whilst the sun was shining.  I was feeling pretty good last week and when a couple of early morning gym users (cheers to Gerard and Jeremy) told me they were going to have a go at the workout (The 300), I decided to try and match them.  And then – when I survived – I thought it would be a real challenge to get through it each and every day…so I started telling people that I was going to do it every day therefore I was committed to do it every day.

    The reality for everyone is that there are going to be times when it is a struggle to get to the gym – and others when it is going to be IMPOSSIBLE to get to the gym.  Equally, we all have times in our life when our commitments drop/we are feeling better and those are the times to jump in with both feet – to make hay!  As the weather is warming up – as our kid’s winter sport commitments wind down – as we come out of tax season and flu season and before we hit the social mania of Christmas…now (for many people) is the time to ‘make hay’.

    If you are finding yourself with an extra spare night – or even an extra spare 30-minutes – or even a spare 10-minutes after a session – I would encourage you to try and ‘make hay’ now.  The next couple of months heading into the Christmas season are going to disappear in a blur – if you have the chance to get a little bit ‘ahead of the curve’ with your training now, you certainly wont regret it as the temperatures start rising and the beach starts beckoning.

    Gym Update #1

    Very excited to announce that the new treadmills have arrived and have been installed – thanks again to Dave Andrews Electrical for installing the new circuits…each treadmill must run on its own dedicated circuit due to the power requirements for anyone who is curious!

    Gym Update #2

    Very excited to announce that the new (Hammer Fit) ‘Back Extension’ was also delivered last Friday and has been installed down at the front of the main gym area (in front of the mirrors).  Why did I get this machine?  Well…we can all do with a bit of additional work on our core muscles in our lower back – there are a heap of people who train at Round 1 who suffer from lower back pain…perhaps having additional muscular support in that part of our bodies would reduce the pressure on the spine?

    Give it a go:

    Gym Update #3

    The new speedballs should arrive this week – the new gloves should arrive this week.  I feel like I am saying this every week (maybe because I am) but unfortunately given issues with manufacture, delivery and customs it really is out of my hands.   

    Gym Update #4

    As mentioned last week, hand towels are now available in the gym for purchase at the cost of just $5.  Remember, you MUST have a towel with you at every session you do – it is a simple courtesy to the other gym users that you wipe any equipment clean after you have finished using it.

    Facebook Highlights

    Another fun week on Facebook:

    • Kylie Durrant kicking off the week by commenting on how ‘easy’ Sean’s Sunday morning classes are!  Apparently she survived this morning’s reprisals!
    • My efforts to complete ‘The 300’ every day of the week:
    • Elan Olson showing all of us how they ride Spinning bikes in Canada:
    • Ian Burgess (finally) acknowledging that it takes him a LONG time to take his gloves off/put them back on…approximately 20minutes out of every session!
    • Sean O’Neill deciding that the Nike catchcry wasn’t quite good enough – and countering with his own:  “GET.  IT.  DONE.”

    Lots of other stuff on the site last week – as I have mentioned it is a great daily reminder about your training and WILL help keep you on track.  So have a look at the group (HERE) and get involved in the conversations.

    Link of the week

    A link I discovered through my new-found passion for Twitter during the week.  One of the ‘people’ (@RunnersWorld) I am following posted this article about having a ‘reason’ for your session:,7120,s6-238-267–14014-0,00.html

    I have to admit, I tend to use the guidelines of the article more in my coaching than in my personal training (Particularly in my footy coaching-Why are we doing this exercise?  What outcome are we looking for?) but it really got me thinking – can I use it in my own training to really give each session a focus.  Even if the answer is: ‘Because I am having a couple of beers after work tonight’, being honest about the reason for each session (‘to lose weight’, ‘to catch up with Emma’, ‘to improve my fitness’) of each session and saying it out loud before heading into the gym will only help give your session a purpose and some focus.

    Anyway, that is it from me for another week.

    See you in the gym!



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