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    Hi and welcome to another week,

    Last week was a great week of classes – and the session of Friday a great reminder (to me in particular) that you really don’t need any equipment to have a tough and challenging workout.  If your attitude is right – if you are really willing to work – then Kostya Tzsu’s ‘If you have a bag, you have a gym’ quote from his 2005 book ‘Fighting Fit’ really is true.  I really don’t remember being as exhausted after a session as I was on Friday – ‘sprint pushups’, pushups on the rings, a few abs and lots and lots of full speed punching with some real intensity?  Fantastic.

    Something else happened Friday – I was arriving back at the gym just before 4pm, and one of the members laughed at me and said – ‘It is alright for some – what have you been doing all day?’  Which made me think – what had I been doing all day?  What had I been doing all day EVERY day since I left my corporate life of meetings and frustration 18-months or so ago?

    The day started (as usual) with a 4:45am alarm to allow me grab some breakfast (porridge) before getting to Round 1 and make sure all was in place for the 6am class.  For some reason, I feel compelled to double check everything each morning despite making sure that the gym is ‘ready’ before leaving the night before.

    Run the 6am and 7am class – make the ‘natural’ adjustments to the plan that always seem to be needed (the class evolves from 6am) – then after Leila arrives at 8am head home to take my 4yo to Kindy…and as always give the 13yo a lift to High School as she is ‘running late’ (otherwise known as a case of ‘hair straighteneritis’).  Back to the gym for the 9:15am class (and lend a hand to Leila as required), off to do the banking, grab a light lunch (soup or sushi + fruit) and a coffee and back to the gym by 11am or so.

    From 11am to 12pm I try to finalise the class plans for the upcoming week (as well as process the payroll – apparently that is important! J ), before getting in a training session at 1pm – and hopefully following that up with a bit of a run or workout on the Summit Trainer.  Sean arrives to take the baton from Leila around 2:30pm, I head off to pick up the kids from their various schools (3 kids at 3 schools all within 500m of each other!!), kids home, fed and changed and then back to the gym in time for the kids class…preferably with my boys in tow so they can get involved as well.

    Gym users start arriving around 4:30pm – bit of a chat to a few members – run the classes at 5pm and 6pm before making a decision come 7pm to either do another class (Body Work is AWESOME), help Sean run the session (how many people??) or get on with the cleaning – bins, bathrooms, toilets, vacuuming, wiping down the bikes/weight benches etc all need to be done before heading home.  Sometime around 8:30pm or so it is time to make sure that the gym has been put back ‘to normal’ in preparation for Jason’s class at 8am Saturday and head home (no 8pm class on Friday’s) – hopefully a good days work.

    So – when I look at all of that, I am able to answer the question ‘Was it a good idea to start the business?’ with a pretty resounding ‘YES’.  On the negative side, I don’t get any money (really must stop buying new equipment!!!) and I don’t get any holidays…but I do get to see my kids, speak to loads of people about what they are hoping to achieve, train myself, employ people, train people (hopefully helping them achieve the goals that they tell me about) and actually get my hands dirty (unlike having meetings about doing things or writing reports about doing things as I did in my corporate life, the actual DOING of things – cleaning, banking etc is good for the soul).

    Gym Update #1

    As mentioned last week, there are two new treadmills on the way…these will be installed in the latter part of this week – each treadmill must be connected to its own, dedicated power circuit and as soon as the power changes are completed (Wednesday is the plan) the treadmills will be delivered.

    Gym Update #2

    The new speed balls mentioned last week – 8”, 9” and 10” inch – have all been completed and are on the way…as long as we don’t suffer any delays in customs, we will have them up this week.

    Whilst on the subject of speed balls, I have noticed an increasing frequency of small tears in the leather on both the speed balls and floor-to-ceiling balls.  Please make sure that you have removed all of your rings before hitting either of these balls – and whilst I am happy for you to hit the speed ball ‘bare-handed’ you MUST be wearing hand wraps or (preferably) gloves when using the Floor-to-Ceiling balls.  Many of these have exposed zips on them that will split your hand open should you happen to hit them – protect your hands, avoid injury and keep on training!

    Gym Update #3

    I am (eternally) hopeful that the gloves ordered nearly a month ago will arrive in the gym this week.  As noted in previous updates, I have ordered a couple of extra colours (blue and red to go with the black, pink and white) as well as a few in the 2XL size.

    Apologies for the delay but I am still trying to get a bit of a rhythm going with the manufacturer.

    Gym Update #4

    As mentioned last week, hand towels are now available in the gym for purchase at the cost of just $5.  Remember, you MUST have a towel with you at every session you do – it is a simple courtesy to the other gym users that you wipe any equipment clean after you have finished using it.

    Facebook Highlights

    Entertaining week on Facebook including:

    …and actually tonnes of other stuff.  The Facebook page is really cool and getting better as more members join…it is a great daily reminder about your training and WILL help keep you on track.  So have a look at the group (HERE) and get involved in the conversations.

    Link of the week

    Manny, Manny, Manny!

    And whilst you are in the mood for Manny:

    Anyway, that is it from me for another week.

    See you in the gym!



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