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    Walk the Walk, New Gear, More new gear and ultra-running.

    Hi and welcome to another week,

    Tough week of classes last week – though it does have to be noted there was a definite ‘de-emphasis’ on pure cardio – no bike at all on three of the days and no bike in the ‘Body Work’ class.  There just seemed to be a heap of boxing every day – with a focus on Power Ropes early in the week and then barbells late in the week – and lots of barbells, kettlebells, dumbbells and ab-wheels for those people who fought their way to the end of ‘Body Work’.

    The weather made it a very difficult week for getting to the gym – with traffic an absolute nightmare on both Tuesday and Wednesday in particular.  Big kudos to those people who despite being knocked out of their routine by the weather delays still made their way to the gym – whether it was to do a later class or just get in 30 minutes on the treadmill/bike/cross-trainer, it was a great effort and showed real commitment to their training.

    There was a bit of banter on Facebook last week about my usual ‘Friday night classes are worth two at any other time’ comments, but I really do believe that anytime you manage to get in a session when you would ‘REALLY’ rather be somewhere else – or when you ‘REALLY’ can’t be bothered or when everything seems to be conspiring against you getting to the gym, it really IS worth double – because it teaches you to push excuses to the side and stick to your plan.

    I like comparing maintaining your training habit to going on a long run.  For anyone (most of us I am sure) who have tried to ‘get fit’ by ‘running’, you would have experienced the feeling of wanting to ‘stop’ during your run (or, as I like prefer to say – the urge to ‘stretch my calves’!).  And if you are like most people, on some occasions you would give in to the urge and stopped – and on others you would push past it and simply keep on going.  And on the days where you gave into the urge to ‘stop’ (or in my case, ‘stretch’), you would end up ‘stretching’ on several other occasions during the run – whilst on those days when you fought past the initial urge to take a break you the first time you would stop would be at the finish line.

    Now, does this mean that you can ‘never’ take a break?  Well, not really.  But it does mean you need to understand that when you make a choice to ‘take a break’ when you don’t really have too, you are effectively advocating the decision and giving yourself implicit permission to take another break – and another, and another.

    What does all this mean?  If you want results, you just have to walk the walk.  Any excuses or ‘outs’ you give yourself – your mind wants the easy way (that is human nature) and the excuse/short-cut will be repeated at a later time.  So what is the secret?  Acknowledge the excuse you are using for what it is – don’t allow yourself to think of it as ‘the truth’ (as I do too often with my ‘calf stretches’).  If you are honest with yourself about the real ‘reason’ that you have missed a session/taken a break rather than allowing the little ‘white lie’ to live on, you will be less likely to repeat it in the future.

    This week – let’s all ‘Walk the Walk’.  Set out a training plan for yourself – detail the sessions you are going to do and mark them on the calendar – and don’t let little excuses get in the way…and if circumstances really do conspire to cause you to miss one of them, be honest about it – but be sure to make up for the session you miss at the very next opportunity.

    Membership at Round 1

    I don’t like to use the blog to advertise the gym, but I thought I would just quickly remind everyone of our membership options and benefits this month:

    1. NO joining fee with any membership options.
    2. 12-month membership includes a membership pack – bag, gloves, hand-wraps, towel and skipping rope.  This is all 12-month memberships…
    3. Membership includes unlimited classes AND full use of the cardio equipment / gym equipment at all times.
    4. 12-month membership is just $55 per month (basically, the cost of 1-class per week at casual rates!) and for $200 up front you have full membership for 3-months…

    Your membership also helps us support local schools and sporting clubs – Port Community College, Jandakot Jets, St Christophers Netball Club, Cockburn Little Athletics Association, Maddington Football Club just to name a few…

    Gym Update #1

    New gear, new gear….a new back extension machine is on the way to enable gym users to spend a little more time working on and developing their core.  Please see the following link for details of the equipment:

    Whilst I am horrified at the cost of this device it will be a great addition to the gym floor – unfortunately there is just no room for it in the weights area so it will need to live on the main gym floor.

    Gym Update #2

    Well, some of the new floor-to-ceiling balls are up…and one of the new speed balls is up.  I am happy with the quality of the gear however unhappy with the size of the speedball – basically, it is a 12” ball when it should be a 10” ball.  That said, I am determined to master it and will be putting one more up…in the meantime though, I have further ordered some 8”, 9” and 10” speedballs to put up as well.

    Gym Update #3

    New gear, new gear.  A couple of new treadmills are also on the way.  I have been concerned for sometime at the times when both treadmills are in use and one of our members walks in to find they cannot get their planned work-out done.  So – a couple of new treadmills are on the way.

    Gym Update #4

    I mentioned the towel situation last week – well, I am pleased to say that they did arrive and are now available in the gym for just $5.  And for all of you people thinking about memberships, just remember that you receive a free gym towel with any 12-month membership.

    Facebook Highlights

    Entertaining week on Facebook including:

    Make sure you join the group (HERE) and get involved in the conversations.

    Link of the week

    Going for a bit of training inspiration this week.  Not that I have a burning desire to emulate this guy (these people?) – not that I could to be honest – but it is impressive.

    Anyway, that is it from me for another week.

    See you in the gym!



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