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    Tommy Hafey, new equipment and hand towels

    Hi and welcome to another week,

    I loved the sessions last week.  We included a few things that we simply don’t do often enough of – specifically chest exercises – and the variety this added to the sessions was terrific.  Bench press, prone front raises, pec flyes, reverse grip flyes – all added up to a really chest challenge and I am looking forward to more of it in the future.  This week – heaps more variety ahead…and for anyone brave enough to have a go at the ‘Body Work’ class, well – let’s just say it is a particularly challenging session.

    As regulars on our Facebook site could tell you I have been doing a lot of reading/watching/researching about Tommy Hafey this week – specifically the lifestyle he leads today as he approaches his 80th birthday.  His positive outlook is reflected in the way he answers the simple ‘How are you doing?’ question with ‘Good – and getting better’.  And it is further reflected in his “5 D’s” philosophy – “Desire + Dedication + Determination + Discipline = Destiny”.

    Now if this all sounds a little bit like ‘footy coach’ speak, I guess that is because that is what he is famed for.  But that doesn’t make it any less meaningful to anyone who is trying to achieve something – If you want something (desire) and work hard (dedicated /determined) and long (disciplined) to achieve it, then you will (destiny).  It is as simple as that – yet most of us seem to work long and hard to make hitting our goals a very complicated process.  As an example of this I found 17 different diet books at Big W when I was in there this week…but do any of us really need a diet book in order to lose weight?  Don’t we all know that instead of reading a diet book, we simply need to move around a little more and eat a little less – but not for three days, or three weeks…but for three years (or 30 years in the example of Tommy).

    The main thing I got out of Tommy’s story though wasn’t that people need to emulate Tommy’s routine at age 80 – rather that they shouldn’t let other people’s perceptions of what can and can’t – should and shouldn’t – be done at a particular stage of life/level of fitness etc. or whatever it might be influence their own personal targets and goals.  If you want to have a go – if you want to achieve – then it is completely within your power to do so.  I spoke about this theme several weeks ago (link is here!) in relation to Oscar Pistorius (and am happy to note he this week qualified for the World Athletics Championships) and believe that Tommy Hafey’s story is another page in the same book…people prepared to set ambitious goals for themselves then work diligently to achieve them.

    Gym Update #1

    The broken rowing machine is now back in action – great news.  I hadn’t been doing much rowing lately (since the rowing challenge if the truth is to be known) but have had two goes at it since Thursday and it really does challenge every part of you.  If you have a spare 10 minutes, row nice and easily for 250m – then try to do 2kms as quickly as you can.  Terrific way to up your training levels without adding to your time commitments.

    Gym Update #2

    A new order of speed-balls and floor-to-ceiling balls is on the way – I posted a photo on Facebook this week – here is a link to a few more….

    The goods have been shipped and I am looking forward to getting them installed.

    Gym Update #3

    Please remember – you cannot do a class unless you have a towel.  You cannot run on the treadmill, use the weights area, use the summit climber etc unless you have a towel.  Before we have to start making this an official policy and excluding people who don’t have them, I am working to get access to some hand-towels to offer for sale in the gym.  More news on this soon – this will be a purely functional offer – no logos, nothing fancy – and the sale price will be something like $5.

    Facebook Highlights

    Entertaining week on Facebook including:

    Make sure you join the group (HERE) and get involved in the conversations.

    Link of the week

    A link to a newspaper article today – a feature piece on the lifestyle choices being made by Tommy Hafey as he approaches age 80.  Running, push-ups, swimming, ab work – every morning.  And swimming at St Kilda beach in July?  No thanks – I was there a few weeks ago and the water is absolutely freezing.

    Anyway, that is it from me for another week.

    See you in the gym!



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