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    Fast start challenge, Gym Nazi, New gloves and wraps

    Hi and welcome to another week,

    More great sessions last week – I am loving the kettlebells right now (really allowing me to up the intensity of my training) and I hope everyone is appreciating the extra variety that they have added to our classes…whilst it is a lot of work for me to be continually setting new training circuits and programs, it sure does keep things interesting once you get to the gym!  You really can say that if you train at Round 1 you just “Don’t Know” what you are going to be hit with when you walk through the gym doors…and whilst some sessions might be more ‘enjoyable’ than others (and remember, everyone is different and likes/dislikes different things – some people like burpees!) you can be certain it is different from what you did the day before, the week before and the month before and your body will be continually challenged in different ways.

    To add to that, this week I have a challenge to you:  Work FLAT OUT, from the start of each session you do.  FLAT OUT.  Don’t build into it, don’t waste time ‘getting going’ – just go 100 miles an hour from the moment the first bell rings.

    Here is what benefits you will get from giving this a try:

    –         Take advantage of your motivation.
    When are you likely to feel ‘eager’, when are you likely to feel ‘fresh’?  At the start!  You wont be thinking ‘not another jump squat’…you wouldn’t have done any yet.  Jump in with both feet and take advantage of the positive vibe everyone has at the start of each session.

    –         Push past your resistance.
    Not feeling motivated at the start of the session?  Feeling like you “Cant be bothered’ and “Don’t know why I came”?  Well, push those feelings aside by getting stuck into it straight away…don’t waste 15 minutes of your training trying to get from “Why am I here”? to “Well, I guess I may as well just do it” – push the negative stuff aside and go as hard and fast as you can for as long as you can!

    –         Create commitment for the rest of the session.
    Ever tried hitting ‘ALL’ the class targets in the Thursday ‘one-minute round’ classes?  It is a funny feeling…once you try hitting them, you simply dare not let one ‘escape’.  But if you miss a few, all of the rest somehow seem less important.  If you go hard at the start, you simply wont WANT to give up later in the class – if you start slow you are almost advocating for yourself a lazy finish as well.


    Gym Update #1

    This is the gym nazi section of the update.  In the past week I have had to have all of the electronics replaced on the rowing machine (smashed) and take the Smith-machine out-of-order so that the bar can be replaced (bent).

    This is over $1500 worth of cost (3 x 12 month members) to replace and repair equipment damaged through what I can only imagine is carelessness (at best).  It is $1500 that cannot be spent on new equipment that would benefit everyone…Gear will wear out – I understand this – and will need to be replaced – I understand this too.  But please be careful, treat the gear as if it is your own and if something does break/isn’t working properly, please let me know.

    Gym Update #2

    The all new Round 1 Fitness gloves and wraps are now (finally) in stock.  The gloves are 100% leather and available for $35 (pink, white or black) and the wraps (pink, red, blue or black) are available for just $10.

    A lot of time and effort has gone into getting this gear ‘right’ and I am really pleased with the quality and the prices I am able to offer it for…100% leather gloves – with full wrist supports – for $35 is just fantastic…have a look at the gear next time you are in.

    Gym Update #3

    Coming up to the end-of-financial year, all of the Round 1 Fitness singlets and the SupaTuff attire (singlets, sleeveless hoodies) are going out for 50% off (or less).  All of the singlets are now available for $10, whilst the hoodies are just $20.  Only available in the sizes on display!

    Facebook Highlights

    Lot’s of Facebook activity this week:

    There was also a heap of banter about the classes (and the links above), details of the special on the hoodies and singlets (see the Gym Update earlier in this blog) and updates on when class bookings are full (or otherwise).  Make sure you join the group (HERE) and get involved in the conversation.

    May Challenge Update

    As mentioned last week, the May Challenge (12 minutes on the Summit Trainer) has been extended through June (to see if ANYONE) can break the 1.8km barrier.   My plan is to have two more tries before I go to Melbourne on June 29th – one this coming week and one the day before I travel.  Each day for the past week I have rolled through 40minutes on the ‘Killamanjaro’ program on the trainer (level 12 of course) to try and help get ready for it…

    How is your training going?

    Member Profiles

    Another terrific members profile went up this week (thanks Karz) and I have a few more ‘ready to go’ as soon as I get some photos in.  The profiles add a lot to this website and I hope you all get as much value out of reading them as I do.

    As always, if you are interested in doing a profile, please let me know…the more the merrier.

    Friends of Round 1

    Just a reminder about the terrific offer from Wicked Wiz (check out their great website –  – 10% off all of their candles to any Round 1 Fitness member who drops into their store (it is located in the units right next door to the gym) on a Saturday.

    Link of the week

    Really simple article this week:  “Fast ways to lose Belly Fat” (although, it could be called “One Simple Method to reduce Body Fat”…it is only a couple of hundred words and well worth the 2minutes or so it will take you to scan through it…

    Anyway, that is it from me for another week.

    See you in the gym!



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