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    Don’t limit your goals, Wicked Wix, Medicine Ball Workout

    Hi and welcome to another week,

    Fantastic week of sessions last week.  Wednesday really was ‘one to remember’ – those 5-minute rounds with all the burpees/jump squats etc every 5th minute was certainly a tough session and I think everyone pulled up a bit sore.  Follow that up with the one-minute ‘double rounds’ on Thursday and the 5-pushups every bell stuff on Friday and I think we all earned our weekend break (though, of course the gym was open on the weekend for all those diehards out there!).  For anyone more interested in looking forward, I had a quick glance at this week’s plans and the classes look a little bit ‘old school’ to me – lot’s of punching, a couple of barbell circuits and a heap of abdominal work…can’t wait to get into it.

    I wanted to write this week about ‘overcoming odds’ and my primary saying when it comes to goal-setting:  ‘How are you going to do that?’  And when I typed in ‘overcoming odds’ in google to do some background reading I found myself reading about Oscar Pistorius which then led me to this recent article in Sports Illustrated – “Pistorius’ Victory is Inspirational – And Controversial”.  This to me was a much more interesting than more banter from me about goal-setting (though, Pistorius is undoubtedly one of the best at both setting goals and mapping out a route to achieve them).

    It is just amazing to me – someone who grumbles when the alarm goes off every day about how ‘tough’ my life is – to imagine that someone born without a fibula bone in either leg and had to have both legs amputated between knee and ankle before his first birthday decided that being a double amputee was just a minor impediment in his efforts to become a world-class sprinter.  Especially when his family owns a Zinc mine and a far more leisurely life would have no doubt been an option.  But as he said in this article in Wired ( “you never progress if your mind is on your disability”.

    I am not really sure where I am going with all of this – only that the idea of limiting what you might be able to achieve based on the perceptions of others is – based on this story/example – just crazy.  Set your targets, map out a plan and get after it!

    Gym Update #1

    I am expecting the new gloves mentioned a couple of updates ago a week or three back to arrive this week…there have been a couple of manufacturing delays relating directly to one of the colours (Pink) that will be arriving.  The shipment was in Singapore on Friday, so I am hoping it will be in Perth VERY soon.

    Along with the gloves the new range of Round 1 Fitness wraps will also be arriving soon…

    Facebook Highlights

    Lot’s of banter on Facebook this week:

    • Comments about the challenge that the Wednesday sessions presented.
    • Daily updates on class bookings and details when each class fills.
    • Some interesting comments from both Jason and Lloyd about the classes they planned for Saturday and Sunday respectively.

    I have a couple of video’s ready to be published on Facebook this week so make sure you join the group (HERE) and get involved in the conversation.

    May Challenge Update

    As mentioned last week, the May Challenge (12 minutes on the Summit Trainer) has been extended through June (to see if ANYONE) can break the 1.8km barrier.  I had another go last week – but failed to improve my time.  As anyone who has had a go will tell you, the Summit Trainer is very challenging and having a couple of tries at completing the challenge between now and the end of June will certainly help you meet your fitness/weight loss goals.

    Member Profiles

    All of the member profiles are now complete with photos – I have another 10 or so profiles ready to go and as soon as I get a couple of photos, will start adding some more updates to this section of the website.

    As always, if you are interested in doing a profile, please let me know…the more the merrier.

    Friends of Round 1

    No mentions in this segment for a few weeks – but Wicked Wix Candles (check out their great website – want everyone to know about a terrific special exclusive to members of Round 1 Fitness.

    If you drop into their store on any Saturday (it is located in the units right next door to the gym) you will be entitled to 10% off any of the candles in their range upon presentation of your Round 1 Fitness membership card.  The candles are fantastic – they look good and smell even better – and who can argue with 10% off?

    Link of the week

    A video link this week – a ‘total body’ medicine ball workout.  Have a look and give it a try next time you have a few minutes spare whilst waiting for a class to start:

    Anyway, that is it from me for another week.

    See you in the gym!



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