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    Add some emotion to your training, May Challenge and Why Pull-ups are good for you!

    Hi and welcome to another week,

    Great  – albeit short – week of sessions last week.  I know that I pulled up pretty sore from Wednesday’s session (all that chest work!) and then to follow up with the shoulder torture that was Thursday’s 1-minute rounds…well, let’s just say I have been feeling a bit precious for a few days now.

    The plans for the week ahead look great as well – I know a few people out there love the 5-minute rounds (less transitions between stations) and I am rolling them out again for the first time in a while, there is a bit of a ‘back to the future’ feel about both the ‘Body Work’ class and 1-minute Thursday sessions (after the torture fests of the last few weeks) and some very ‘boxing’ focused classes as well.  I can’t wait to give them all a try.

    I have been trying to get in my ‘class per day’ as well as go through the running program for the 14km event ( for a couple of weeks now – and it has been really hard to keep up my focus and motivation.  One thing I have found that has really helped – well 2 things really – are as follows:

    1. Training session rewards.
    2. Add some emotion to my goals.

    The first one is easy.  Really, really easy.  When I have finished BOTH my running and my boxing class, I get to have one of those ‘Grapefruit’ flavoured PowerAde’s.  Sounds simple I know, and I guess on some levels it isn’t much of a reward, but it is a bit of a motivator just to get on with it and get it finished!  I used to regularly have one of these after finishing a class at lunch-time…but now I have to wait until both of my daily challenges are done!

    The second one is a little bit harder – but it says “Don’t look like a goose on the fun run”.  Basically, I know I am not going to be up the front – and to be honest that doesn’t really interest me – but I am pretty determined to finish the event without stopping and just keep my legs continually rolling over.  I don’t want to be stopped on the side of the road – I don’t want to look like a goose – and before I hit the treadmill I write that down and read it a few times – “Don’t look like a goose on the fun run” – and it has been amazing to me how doing this simple thing has really helped my focus and commitment to my training.

    A large part of me thinks the goal would be even better if I had a positive emotion to associate it with – but in this particular case it was all ‘fear of failure’ driven so I just decided to go with it.  I can only imagine what benefits you could get from a positive, emotionally charged goal that you referred to every morning and then again before each training session – ‘Fit and healthy to play with my kids’, or ‘Looking great in my bikini on my holiday’ – because as I have found, emotional goals almost demand ACTION and action leads to results.

    Gym Update #1

    Well, I think it is official – the Summit Trainer is very, very hard.  And to reinforce this, it will be the basis of the May Challenge.

    • Boys:  12-minutes on level 12 – record your distance on the board.
    • Girls:  12-minutes on level 8 – record your distance on the board.

    I have been spending some time on this machine and have to say it has really helped my overall strength and endurance…it is a great addition to the gym.  Good luck in the challenge!

    School Holidays

    School holidays continue this week (back Thursday).  Kids Club classes will resume this Friday (May 6th) for those of you who want to bring the kids along to the gym.

    Call to Arms – Fun Runners!

    As per the last couple of updates, if you are interested in doing the ‘Run for a reason’ events, I am happy to supply you with a free singlet to run in…just let me know.

    Member Profiles

    I have quite a few members profiles together and ready for the updated website…but could always use a few more.  If anyone is willing to write down a few sentences about their experiences at the gym I would really appreciate it – the insights I have seen so far have been great and the more I can get, the better the site will be.

    Link of the week

    Well, in response to the tirade of complaints about all of the pull-ups in last Thursday’s class, here are a couple of links.  Firstly, the basic ‘why they are good’ link:

    Secondly, the ‘Yes, girls can do these too’ link:

    Anyway, that is it from me for another week.

    See you in the gym!



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