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    Training cycles for newbies (and oldies!), new equipment, kettlebell complex

    Hi and welcome to another week,

    Really challenging week last week – I think anyone who pushed their way through the circuits on Monday and Thursday (and I know of a couple who did double sessions on each day!) may have set some kind of world record for push-ups…it really was challenging and I know that I have been struggling with tightness/soreness in my shoulders and triceps for most of the week.

    Due to the recent Scoopon promotion, we have had more than 200 ‘newbies’ through the gym since the start of June.  Which is great.  But watching the training pattern of a number of these people has gotten me thinking about ‘cycle’ of training that people go through….and where things can ‘go wrong’ (or at least ‘off the rails’).

    When you start a new regime, you are full of nervous energy (nervous enthusiasm?) with visions of achieving your goals (fitness, weight loss) and establishing a new ‘lifestyle’.  And this enthusiasm carries you through – enabling you to overcome obstacles (muscle soreness – no problem, you train; friend can’t make it? – no problem, you train; stuck in traffic? – no problem, do a later session).  Basically, you are keen, you have a vision in your mind of what you WILL achieve and you push any obstacles out of your way.  It is a great feeling and your training will progress quickly (though results are not always ‘visible’).  You are feeling positive and feeling good.  But this phase does not last forever though – for some it lasts one week, for others up to 6-8 weeks.

    After a few weeks – when you know that training is hard (especially on ‘some’ days) and on still others you just ‘cannot be bothered’ – and results are not as quick as you had dreamed they might – the excuses that you pushed aside when you first started you now create for yourself.  “I am a bit sore”, “I don’t want to overtrain”, “It is too late – I have an early start tomorrow”…whatever it might be.  They are the excuses that wouldn’t have crossed your mind when you started, but now you find them (and listen to them) all the time – whether they are real or not…and this happens to everyone.  Everyone.

    To me, this is the hardest thing to overcome – it is the period of your training that comes after that initial period of enthusiasm and before your training is a ‘habit’ – and the only way to overcome it is to ‘be prepared’.  When the excuses come, remind yourself of your goals (remember – have them written down and posted somewhere that you can see them regularly) and remind yourself that being consistent is what will bring results.  I have written quite regularly in the past about finding the will to train when you just don’t feel like it (this post includes a recent effort) – but the simple fact is you just need to find a way to get through it.

    If you manage to get through the ‘intermediate’ training stage – to push past the excuses to the point where your training is part of your lifestyle – where you understand that whether you are feeling ‘up’ or feeling ‘flat’ you can still push through your session and derive positive benefits from it…to the point where you just ‘get it done’ – where your training is a positive habit within your life – then you will be in a position where you have a sustainable training methodology…until you go on holiday for a few weeks, or get sick…which will cause the whole cycle to start again!

    Gym Update #1

    Just a reminder to all of the Scoopon holders – you can only use ONE (1) Scoopon each.  Whilst this was defined in the Scoopon terms and conditions, several people have now tried to redeem multiple Scoopon’s and been disappointed when we wouldn’t allow them to do so.  Remember, if you hold a 10-Round Pass (Scoopon or otherwise) you still need to give your name when you come into the gym.  And members, showing your card (or at least saying your name and waiting for the desk staff to check you in) is compulsory when you come into the gym.

    Gym Update #2

    A new order of speed-balls and floor-to-ceiling balls is on the way – I have not been very happy with the quality of the last order of this equipment (the black/red speed-balls and the ‘small’ floor-to-ceiling balls) and am trying yet another supplier.  I am hopeful that the new equipment will arrive this week and confident that it will better meet our needs.

    Along similar lines, a new order of gloves is also on the way – in addition to the ‘White’, ‘Pink’ and ‘Black’ gloves there will be some ‘Red’ and ‘Blue’ pairs available with the next order.  I expect these to be available in early August.

    Gym Update #3

    The sale on all of the Round 1 Fitness singlets continues…these singlets are available for just $10 (only available in the sizes on display) and whilst it might be too cold to wear them now, before we know it we will be sooking about the Perth summer heat all over again!

    Facebook Highlights

    Entertaining week on Facebook including:

    • A link to a ‘how to get yourself to the gym in winter’ article:
    • Lots of banter about all the push-ups on Monday and Thursday.
    • A photo of Elan’s ‘Boxing’ birthday cake!
    • Some appreciation of the ‘half-way down + hold’ pushups from Dale.

    Make sure you join the group (HERE) and get involved in the conversations.

    Link of the week

    A simple 3-minute kettlebell complex this week featuring three exercises (1-arm swings, clean and press, Squats) – it always amazes me when people tell me that they don’t have time to train when I see what can be accomplished in 3 minutes…10 minutes of skipping, 3 rotations of this circuit and a 5-minute cool-down?  Session finished within 30 minutes!

    Give it a try next time you “don’t have time” to train – or roll through a couple of repetitions of the kettlebell complex if you have a few minutes spare before or after your next class:

    Anyway, that is it from me for another week.

    See you in the gym!



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