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    FIVE (5) Great Reasons to do the 28-Days-Later Challenge

    Hey Everyone,

    Thanks for another great week in the gym.  As I’m sure everyone can imagine, things are quite stressful for us right now – trying to negotiate our way through the COVID requirements, plan our responses to (what seems like the inevitability of exposures at the gym) and with all of that noise in the background still try to plan and run amazing sessions AND grow the gym…it’s been a lot.  But everyone showing up and smashing it out with a smile on their face makes it 100% worthwhile.  We really do appreciate all of the support you give us.

    As it approaches February that can only mean ONE thing at Round 1.  It’s time for the 28-Days-Later Challenge.  Before I talk about OUR challenge, I just wanted to quickly go through FIVE (5) quick reasons why:

    1/.  Every time there is a challenge I jump in and do it myself!

    2/.  I think YOU should do it.

    Before I start with the ‘five’ reasons, let me just run through the ‘basics’ of gym life.  ALL of us (yep, me too and I own a gym) have times when we start the week motivated and excited.  It’s MONDAY – we had a plan…and that plan is rolling.  We have our meal prep done, we are at the gym on time, we are enthusiastic, our training is ON POINT- I mean, we have EVERYTHING is in place and this time…this time things are going to be different.  They are going to be BETTER!  But then – sometime between Monday and Friday, well, something goes awry.  Somehow the plan was ‘compromised’ by work, by kids, by traffic, by not feeling good, by hitting the snooze button, by…well, it could be any number of things.  And now, our week of 3x sessions and healthy eating has become just another week where we didn’t quite get it done and those feelings that we have somehow let ourselves down ‘again’ come circling back…all positive thoughts are gone and even your good intentions are starting to wane…

    And here’s the thing.

    To BUILD a Rock-Solid workout habit – the first thing you need is CONSISTENCY.

    Life is busy – for all of us – and it presents us with so many excuses.  So, so many!  But there is one thing that overcomes ‘excuses’.  


    If I’ve learned anything running the gym for 12 years is that challenges bring accountability – and during our ‘BIG’ challenges (February with 28-days Later and October for Summer Slam) gym attendance goes up.  People who commit to the challenge have a clear training goal – and clear goals brush excuses away.  The challenge has a CLEAR start date and end date.  It has a SET number of sessions to complete.  The rules are simple and the tasks are known.  And because of all of this, the ‘noise’ of excuses that circle through our head when it comes to eating well and getting to the gym regularly just get pushed aside…

    Five Reasons to do the 28-Days-Later Challenge

    Reason 1:  It provides a PURPOSE to your training.

    Body Scan at the start…Body scan at the end!  You KNOW what you are chasing – and having a purpose gives you a real chance of sticking with it.  This challenge runs from 7th Feb until March 5th – it’s ONLY FOUR WEEKS – and understanding that this is a short term commitment with a clear end-point/finishing measurement will really help you get to the end!

    Reason 2:  We are all ‘In It’ together!

    Doing things solo is HARD.  It’s hard changing your eating habits when everyone else in your family is snacking on chocolate after dinner…it’s hard being the ‘only one’.  When you are part of the challenge, you get accountability and support from the trainers (like always) but ALSO from everyone else at the gym who is chasing the same goal.

    Not only that – it creates a bit of good natured competition…there is no prize for completing the challenge ‘EXTRAS’ faster than your training buddy, but at the same time it WOULD be nice to beat them.  And by pushing a little bit harder – just a little bit! – your results really can be amplified.

    Reason 3:  There is a CLEAR Plan!

    The 28-Days-Later challenge comes with a CLEAR set of instructions.  And if anything isn’t clear to you, well, there are video demos, recipe cards, sign off sheets…everything you NEED to be successful is in your challenge pack.  There is no guessing needed – no “I’ve read the Wolverine workout plan…I wonder what it means by triple extension backflip into bar over burpee 3x 5”?????  The challenge is SIMPLE and is an awesome way to improve your fitness and drop a couple of kegs…it is PROVEN and has been getting people great outcomes since 2015.

    Reason 4:  Somehow it is less ‘Intimidating’ than ‘FOREVER’.

    We all know that living a healthy life – exercising 3x per week and eating meals consisting of fresh ingredients – is a LIFELONG commitment.  But that just seems like it’s going to take ‘FOREVER’! 🙂 

    The challenge goes for 4-weeks.  You don’t need to think about how you are going to get your 3x sessions per week done in September…you only need to solve the problem for ‘now’…which is VERY achievable.  VERY ACHIEVABLE.  This challenge is task oriented and is easily broken down (you will receive a monthly planning calendar in your pack) – all you have to do it tick some boxes for FOUR WEEKS…you CAN DO IT.

    Reason 5:  It is a training RESET.

    Why do I spend so much time putting together the challenge packs, writing new recipes, making workout videos etc?  Because challenges get RESULTS.  For people just starting on their journey, it provides a CLEAR blue-print for how to be successful.  For people – even people like me who have been ‘at this’ forever – it means a RESET for training and eating that will blow away the cobwebs and put you (meaning US – I’m always in!) back on the right track.  

    Some little bad habits been sneaking into your weekly eating?  Well, the challenge will help you clean that right up…and you will be AMAZED at how long those health changes stick afterwards.  Been a little slack with your training and maybe just going through the motions?  The challenge will be like a splash of freezing cold water in the morning…and by the time the 4-weeks are done you will be back in the groove.

    How to join the 28-Days-Later Challenge (and get great fitness results!)

    The 28-Days-Later challenge has been getting people great results since 2015.  If you want to have a go at our latest version, well, the process is pretty simple:

    Click on the link here to read all of the details:

    Sign up through the portal here:

    28-Days-Later Portal

    The challenge will kick off on Monday February 7th – the info note to go through the challenge packs and ask any questions is scheduled for:

    Monday, Jan 3st at 6pm.  You can view the event on Facebook here:



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