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    12-Days-of-Christmas-Challenge 2021

    It’s that time of the year – Christmas parties and BBQ’s.  Social events 6-nights every week.  Presents to buy, food to prepare (and eat)…drinks to drink.  On top of all of that, work is chaos because everyone is pushing hard to ‘finish’ everything before taking a break…and your training, well…that’s another story.

    So, back in 2012 we came up with the ‘12-Days-of-Christmas’ challenge to help keep everyone on track.  It’s the ‘un-crazy’ challenge.  12x Sessions is all it takes.  And a ‘few’ extras…No food component…just a simple little “let’s keep it together” challenge that is there to help you stay on track during the silly season.

    So What EXACTLY do you have to do?


    Complete 12x sessions between December 1st and December 31st.  SIMPLE.


    We have created 3x LEVELS of extras – each level is based on the REINDEER it has been named after.  For more info on the personality of each Reindeer, click here: 

    DASHER Level: 

    “Chip Away” 








    If you are like Dasher – super social and a lover of parties and great music, then the “Chip Away” challenge is for you.  You only need to get this done FIVE TIMES during the month – which means it will barely make a dent on your packed social calendar.  If you set aside 15-minutes, you will be able to steadily ‘Chip Away’ at this simple workout! If you are like Comet – Smart, Funny and a lover of Christmas movies – then the “CARDIO Push” challenge is for you.  Comet would (of course) love to copy all of his reindeer friends by working on his cardio for the long journey this coming Christmas eve AND by practicing carrying presents and pushing the sleigh!  You need to complete this challenge SEVEN TIMES throughout the month – each effort will take you approximately 12-minutes! If you are like PRANCER – full of energy, enthusiastic and determined to always look your best, then you need to upgrade your efforts to the ‘DROP THE HAMMER’ challenge.  If there is one thing that defines PRANCER, it is his dedication to always looking his best.  If you want to look YOUR best this Christmas, then the ‘DROP the HAMMER’ challenge is 100% the challenge for you!  Now to attain ‘PRANCER LEVEL’ you need to complete the ‘Drop the Hammer” Challenge…and depending on how far you take it this workout  will take between 15-minutes and 36-minutes…it really depends on YOU!
    Complete the following circuit FIVE (5) TIMES During the month of December:

    Half Bin Run or 500m SPARC

    25x KB Swings

    20x Situps

    15x FencePulls

    10x Lunges (each side)

    5x KB Clean and Press (each side)

    Half Bin Run or 500m SPARC

    Complete the following circuit SEVEN (7) TIMES During the month of December:

    1000m Row or Ski

    Double Grass Sled push

    Double Grass Farmers Carry

    2000m Bike or SPARC

    Complete the following circuit NINE (9) TIMES During the month of December:

    Complete 12x Calories on your choice of cardio

    Complete 12x repetitions on EACH MACHINE in the Hammer Strength area (there are 12x machines there!)

    *To Increase the ‘CHALLENGE’ you can do two things:

    1/.  Complete 12x Calories cardio after every strength exercise.

    2/.  Increase from 1x Set of 12 on each machine to 2x Sets before moving on.  Completing each exercise on a 60-second timer is the best way to do this.

    How Much does it COST?

    It costs $9.90 to sign-up for the “12-Days-of-Christmas” challenge.  As part of the sign-up you will receive the class “sign-off” sheet AND video demos for each of the 3-challenges.  This is all about making a relatively SMALL financial commitment to really add some weight to your decision to delay your visit to the pub/bar/party by 45-minutes whilst you sneak in that one extra session you need to complete the challenge!  (Believe me – it works!)

    How Can I sign-up?

    Sign-up via the Round 1 Portal – you can find the link here:



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