Training Tips

Hi Everyone,
Welcome to another week. Once again we have some super sessions  planned at the gym – this week will see a bit of an ‘old school’ approach to the classes  with a heap of boxing coupled together with some circuit weights, skipping and abdominal work.

It has been great for me to see a lot more people taking advantage of  the weights area lately – the equipment down there really is good stuff and if you are able to  integrate some lifting into your weekly exercise regime you will find yourself achieving your goals a  lot more quickly – as an aside, this applies to both the guys and the girls. Whilst I would be happy  to help you with an individual training program, if you do decide to just do a few ‘extras’ after a  session, keep in mind the following
general guidelines:

  • – To add size, use between 7-9 repetitions per set.
  • – To tone and lose weight, use between 10-12 repetitions per set.
  • – To get strong, use between 4-6 repetitions per set.

When it says ’7-9′ repetitions per set, it means you should be able  to lift the weight between 7 and 9 times – if you can lift it 10 times, the weight is too light…if you  can only lift it 6 times, it is too heavy!

There are some big changes planned for our website over the next few  weeks – and step one starts tomorrow night (Monday, September 6th). There will be a video  team, still photographer and art director on-site to capture some footage that will be edited  together and used on the new site. The current site is a holding page only, doesn’t have any  ‘real’ photos of the gym and it really lacks information. The updated site website will be used to provide a heap of free  content for members – such as these email updates – as well as being the primary information source  for prospective clients.

One last thing – I am often asked how many calories a session at  Round One burns off. Given the variety in the classes, it is difficult to answer, but based on all  the feedback I have received from those of you training with heart rate monitors, the answer is approximately  800 – 900 calories for the 45-minute session.

See you in the gym.