‘The Pledge’ Challenge

Hi Everyone – and welcome to another week,

Awesome sessions last week – just so pleased with the way it all turned out.  I have been really focussed on making sure we get a really solid cardio ‘push’ at least twice each week and (for me at least) it feels like it is working.  I have really found that my ability to keep pushing continuously has improved so much over the last 3-months…to the point that now the ‘threat’ of back-to-back-to-back cardio efforts doesn’t scare me off – now I just look forward to the challenge of it.

We have another cool challenge set up for everyone doing boxing this week – it will feature for the first time in tomorrow’s (Monday’s) sessions.  Without giving too much away, I really think it is going to be possible for one of our teams to hit the number 1000 during the class…if they really give it everything they have got!  I guess we are going to find out!

On the subject of challenges, we are now just one week away from our next gym challenge – and the first since February’s 28-days Later that involves both training AND diet.  It is also a pretty unique challenge in that it is not a PRESCRITIVE challenge (where we tell you EXACTLY what to do) – rather we have created a training/diet FRAMEWORK which gives you all the tools but leaves a few of the details up to you.

What does that mean?

1/.  There is a 5-day eating plan with all new recipes (they are absolutely delicious!), food quantity guide etc.  There are recommendations around sugar, carbs and alcohol etc – but there are no hard and fast rules.

2/.  We have created TEN (10) new challenge workouts that look awesome, amazing and – above all – challenging.  You don’t have to do ANY of them – or you might make these ‘EXTRAS’ the basis of your training for the next week.  It is up to you.

3/.  There is a ‘TRACKING SHEET’ where you can get your classes signed off by the trainers.  But there is no minimum number of classes – you don’t have to do any at all.  We set a recommended number…but how many you do is COMPLETELY up-to-you!

Why is it like this?  Why haven’t we just ‘told you what to do’?  Well, before I ‘go there’, we do tell you what to do – the Challenge Pack is pretty clear that we recommend THREE (3) Classes and TWO (2) ‘EXTRAS’ each week and that sticking to a diet free of bread, pasta, added sweeteners and alcohol is what you should do…BUT.  There are people out there (believe it or not) who want to participate in a challenge but don’t want to be ‘bound’ by the number of classes they do (and when).  They might be very happy with their two (2) classes + walking around the local park with the dogs each day and not be capable of getting in more than that…this challenge will allow them to participate, help keep them accountable AND provide them with a great mechanism (Body Scans) to measure their progress.  Guess what else?  There are other people out there who want to do SIX (6) classes every week – but don’t like doing the extras – they just want to do classes.  This challenge enables you to do that and still fully participate.  It also allows you to come in every day and complete a weights workout upstairs AND still take part…there is a training log for recording your efforts in whatever form YOU CHOOSE.

What else?  Because there is MORE!!

This challenge is also different because it allows you to really ‘CHALLENGE’ yourself to achieve in whatever area you like – you could choose to challenge yourself to lose weight, lose body fat %, add muscle…or you could challenge yourself to complete a certain number of classes, or stick to a diet plan…or whatever it is.  It provides you with a way to target what YOU want – and the training/diet framework that will enable you to chase that goal.

FURTHER.  It allows you to complete the challenge ‘VERSUS’ someone else.  Or (I guess) – in a group against a few other people!  You could compete for biggest total weight loss, body fat % change, number of bike calories during the month…it is really only limited by your imagination (and of course our ability to MEASURE whatever it is you are ‘chasing’.

I know I have blogged about this/posted on Facebook about this challenge a few times – and I clearly want as many people as possible to do it!  Why is a good question…and based on the fact that it is just $30 to participate when 2x Body Scans (included as part of the challenge sign-up fee) are usually $50 I hope you understand that ‘revenue raising’ is way down the bottom of the list!  What I really want is to provide everyone out there – like ME – who has allowed their diet (in particular) and training (to a lesser extent) to slip slowly back into ‘old habits’ since the end of the February challenge to get BACK ON TRACK before all the positive stuff achieved back then is lost in a cloud of dust!

To make it even easier for everyone – and I know next weekend is a long weekend – we will do the ‘start-up’ body scans for anyone who wants to participate “anytime” this week in the gym.  Believe me, I didn’t want the challenge to kick off on a long-weekend (again) as I know it makes it hard for everyone…but the dates be the dates.  So the next best thing I can do is promise we will do everything we can to get you all scanned up BEFORE the weekend if you want to take part.

Costs are as follows:

  • Individual (Member) – $30
  • Partners (2x Members) – $50 (yes, includes 2x body scans each!)
  • Partners (1x member, 1x non-member) – $150 (includes full one month membership for the non-member).

Sign up HERE (Sign-up for ‘THE PLEDGE’ challenge) or we can do it for you at gym reception.  All of the paperwork has been done and we will be creating the packs during the week…if you need them before next weekend so you can do your food shopping etc, well, all you will need to do is ask!  I will be printing off packs starting from tomorrow morning so they should (in theory) be there for the taking as soon as you have signed up.

Really hoping we can make this challenge a massive success and be the gym that turns the ‘Quiet Winter Months’ into a time where everyone makes some real positive progress and has a heap of fun doing it!

Let me know if any of this sounds good (or not) with an email to Michael@round1fitness.com.au

See you in the gym,