2017 August Challenge July 25th, 2017

The August Challenge is HERE and the signup link is HERE:
Signup for the August Challenge

This one will be an exercise only challenge and will offer three ‘tracks’ for participants to enrol in:

-       Track one:  Cardio

-       Track two:  Strength

-       Track three: Core

Or – you can sign up for a month of specialist programming for the area of your training you would like to focus most closely upon.  There will be daily programming for the month provided for each of the options (and group classes will be integrated into that programming) for you to work through.  Each week will see FIVE (5) days of programming and TWO (2) x rest days.  Further more, both the Cardio and Strength tracks will offer participants multiple options for each day in an effort to make allowances for people managing injuries.  The training rhythm will be (loosely) based on 3x group sessions each week + 3x ‘EXTRA’ workouts each week.

I am going to try and do the ‘CORE’ track and as part of that will be doing exercise demos for anyone interested in joining me on that track at 9am on Sunday, July 30th 2017.  The Challenge itself will kick off on July 31st (Monday) and will run until Sunday, August 27th.  Cost for registration will be $10 to participate and $30 to participate with 2x Body Scans.  There is a non-members option here which will give people access to the challenge and unlimited class/gym use for the duration of the challenge – cost for that is $150.  In terms of value, Body Scans are usually $25 each so the $30 for 2x scans and the challenge is a bit of a mega deal…$150 usually buys you a 10-round pass – now it buys you unlimited classes for one month AND a bonus month of programming!

Ring The BELL – THREE (3) PT Sessions for $75 June 12th, 2017

We have a great special this month for anyone thinking about getting started with some personal training:  Three (3) sessions for just $75 (a saving of $30).

Want to work on your deadlifts?  Squats?  Do some Pad-work?  Get a push with your cardio?  This could be just the thing to get you going!  No doubt our group sessions are awesome and we provide you with a lot of direction in your training – but if you want to see how far you are able to push, personal training will show you the way.  Maybe you want to work on a specific skill area, or just better understand how to use some of the equipment so you can train independently when you need to…it is called personal training because the direction it goes is 100% up-to-you!

- Please note:  This special is ONLY available to those people NEW to PT at Round 1 or anyone wanting to return to PT after a break of > 6-months.

4 Months for the Price of 3 June 6th, 2017

We have a super special kicking off from today (June 6th) – and available up until this SUNDAY (June 11th).

Join the gym for 3-months ($300) and we will give you an extra month for FREE.  So if you sign up for a 3 month membership at the start of June, it wont end until OCTOBER!  Which is pretty cool.  $300 would usually get you 3 months…this week (and this week only), it will get you FOUR.

That’s an extra month of unlimited classes, an extra month of strength work, and extra month of cardio…all at NO EXTRA COST.  It also gives you access to our challenges, to running club, to personal training…

That’s it.  4-months membership for the price of 3 - (but this week only) at Round 1.

If you want to access this special, you can either drop in and see us, call the gym on 9414 1141 or sign-up via the interwebs at this link:
4 months for the Price of 3.