Lost Gym Users April 20th, 2017

If you are tired of the same gym routine – treadmill and weights with no real plan – WE CAN HELP.  At our gym, we will lead you through EVERY workout…and EVERY DAY will be different.  FOREVER.  Memberships just $38.50/fortnight…and FAMILY memberships (2 adults, 2 kids just $57.50 per fortnight!).

Check out our memberships page for more information or call the gym on 9414 1141:


The ‘ALL CLASS’ Challenge (April, 2017) March 27th, 2017

Here comes our latest gym challenge…and it is ALL CLASS!

During April 2017, you have one simple task.  Complete 25x classes.  They can be Boxing, B+, Beginners, No-Rules, Body Work or TANKS.  But you must finish 25x sessions between Monday, April 3rd and Sunday April 30th in order to call yourself ‘ALL CLASS’!

There are two registration options for this challenge:
  • Participate in the Challenge:  $10 (Inc GST).
  • Participate in the Challenge PLUS 2x Body Scans (Before and After):  $35 including GST.

Challenge Sign-off sheets will be available in the gym from April 1st.  Full details of the All-Class Challenge rules will be included on the sign-off sheets AND all exercise details published on YouTube on that same day.

Click on the registration LINK HERE!!! and select package to get involved.

(Please note that there will be GST AND an EziDebit transaction fee added to the values below for your secure online credit card payment.  As stated above, the prices including GST are $10.00 to participate in the challenge or $35 to participate AND receive both before and after Body Scans on the InBody 570 scanner).

The EziDebit charges are 2.2% of transaction value (minimum charge = $1.10 for existing EziDebit clients (Round 1 Direct Debit clients).  For any clients NEW to Ezidebit, an additional 1-time fee of $2.20 will be charged for client configuration/setup.

Beach Fit 2016 November 15th, 2016

Our amazing Beach Fit program – which includes a 10-week membership, 2x Body Scans, 10-days healthy eating plan (with recipes) and 10x DIY Beach Blast workouts is up and available – you can sign-up HERE.  This program is a great chance for anyone looking to get fit and strong (and hopefully even lose a couple of kgs!) over summer to do it in what is a really supportive environment down at Round 1…if you know anyone who is thinking about getting in shape or has spoken about giving the gym ‘a go’, there probably wont be a better value for money package offered by us ‘ever’…I still don’t really understand how I came up with the number of $250 for something that really should be closer to $500 based on what I am seeing offered elsewhere but there you go…anyway, if you are keen, sign up HERE!