2018 ’28-Days-Later’ Challenge January 15th, 2018

This document details ‘The Rules’ for the February 2018 ’28-Days Later’ challenge.

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What is the 28-Days-Later Challenge?

The 28-Days Later Challenge is an annual EXERCISE and DIET Challenge designed to help Round 1 Fitness members get each year off to a great start.  The idea is to train hard and eat well – following the guidelines we provide you with – for ONE MONTH and see just how much progress you can make.

Back in February 2015, we ran our first ever ’28-Days Later’ challenge and those who took part lost MORE THAN 300kg in total.  When it all happened again in 2016, we *NEARLY* hit the 500kg mark and each participant (on average) lost 3.74kg of FAT whilst gaining 400g of MUSCLE – an amazing result!  In 2017 we had even more participants and MORE weight loss…it just goes to show that when you put together a consistent (and consistently challenging) exercise regime with sensible eating choices, you can make REAL PROGRESS in a short period of time.

Here’s what participants in the 28-Days Later Challenge can expect from us:


1/.  Body Scans on our InBODY 570 Scanner at the START of the challenge and again at the end that will enable you to precisely measure your results.  (It all kicks off on Sunday, February 4th)

2/.  A Booklet containing all the details of the workouts you need to complete.

3/.  A sign-off sheet enabling you to track your work-outs – both classes and extras – to help keep you on track.

4/.  A 10-day eating plan – including full ‘HOW TO’ instructions for each of the meals.

5/.  A survival guide full of hints and tips and shared experiences from past challenges that will help you get to the end.

6/.  A dedicated FACEBOOK GROUP where you can ask specific questions about the challenge, share recipes, find workout buddies…lots of things really!

7/.  Full video explanations of each of the challenge workouts available on YouTube.

Extra Features in the challenge that are NEW for 2018 include:

A/.  A personal GOAL SETTING SHEET – so you can record YOUR targets and create a clear ACTION PLAN!

B/.  A ‘GO PRO’ option for people wanting to focus on muscle mass increase rather than purely Fat Loss.  This includes 6x specific hypertrophy sessions designed for muscle growth AND a ‘brick-by-brick’ plan for meal preparation.

So more than ever before – whether your target is muscle gains or fat loss – the 28-Days Later Challenge is just the thing to get your year started.

How do you sign-up for the Challenge?

All participants must sign-up to the 28-days later challenge via the Round 1 portal:

2018 Challenge Portal 

In simple terms, the cost of participation is $70 for ‘early bird’ sign-ups (anyone who signs up on or before Friday Feb 2nd) or $90 for ‘late’ sign-ups (anyone who signs up for the challenge AFTER Feb 2nd).  These prices are valid for Round One Fitness members – separate pricing is available for non-members that also includes a 1-month gym membership – please read on for details on how you can participate as a non-member.

Included on the registration site are options for people who are not members of the gym to sign-up for the challenge AND a 1-month gym membership that would enable them to participate.  The cost options for these people are $200 for ‘early bird’ sign-ups (anyone who signs up on or before Friday Feb 2nd) or $250 for ‘late’ sign-ups (anyone who signs up for the challenge AFTER Feb 2nd.)

When can I do my Body Scans?

Initial InBody 570 Body Scans will be done from 7am-12pm on Sunday, February 4th.  Final Body Scans will be performed on Sunday March 4th during the same time-window (7am-12pm).  Please remember that you must not have exercised before your Body Scan.  A ‘booking sheet’ for the Body Scans will be available in the gym for ONE WEEK prior to the scans in order to help prevent long waiting times.

If you are unable to attend the gym during the designated scanning ‘times’, you must arrange a time to have your scan completed via email.  Any scans conducted outside of the ‘scanning day’ will be subject to an additional charge of $5.

So…What are the Diet Rules for this challenge?

Well, it is supposed to be a CHALLENGE!  To get the best results, there are some ‘rules’ you need to follow when it comes to your eating!


This means no sweeteners of ANY kind – natural or artificial. It means no maple syrup, honey, agave nectar, coconut sugar, Splenda, Equal, Nutrasweet, xylitol, stevia, etc. it means Read your food lables, because companies sneak sugar into products in ways you might not recognize.  You may EAT fruit but you cannot use fruit juice/ or cook with fruit as it is then acting as a sweetener.

PLEASE NOTE:  Anyone completing the ‘PRO’ training option is EXEMPT from this rule in one instance and one instance only:  Whey Protein.  This exception does NOT extend to other supplements including things such as pre-workout, BCAA’s etc.


No Bread.  No crackers, no mountain bread, no Turkish Bread, no Foccacia’s, no wraps, no cracker bread, no cracker biscuits…you get the idea.  No bread or bread substitutes at all.  Likewise, no pasta means NO PASTA.


No Alcohol.  NONE AT ALL.  Not a glass of wine, not half a beer, not even alcohol in your cooking.  No ALCOHOL at ALL.


You are allowed TWO (2) cheat days during the challenge.  A cheat day is considered ANY DAY where you break ANY of the food rules.  So – if you have a sugar in your coffee in the morning, well, that day just became one of your cheat days.  Be strict and clear with yourself here.

** – For the first time in 2018, additional cheat days can be ‘bought’ by completing a 300 calorie effort on the assault bike.


You MUST record your food EVERY DAY.  EVERY DAY.  If you present a form to a trainer to get a class signed off and you HAVE NOT recorded your food compliance, the penalty will be 20x calories on the ASSAULT BIKE or VERSA CLIMBER for each ‘missing tick’.

And how much training do I have to do??

Here are details of all of the TRAINING that needs to be completed during the 2018 28-Days Later challenge.  The rules have been split into ‘CLASSES’ rules and ‘EXTRAS’ rules so if you have any questions please head to the appropriate section.

TRAINING RULES Part#1:  Classes

You must complete THREE (3) group training sessions at Round 1 Fitness each week.  You can choose ANY of the classes on the time-table (Boxing for Fitness, B-Plus Boxing, Body Work, Beginners or TANKS) to make up your classes.  At the conclusion of each session, the trainer who conducted the class needs to sign your Challenge Tracking Sheet.

This next bit is about Penalties so READ CAREFULLY!!!

  • If you forget to get a class signed off, you will be penalised 20x calories on the ASSAULT BIKE or VERSA CLIMBER for each session you neglected to sign.
  • Signatures are important – but stretching is MORE IMPORTANT.  If you need to get your sheet signed off BEFORE the post-class stretching is complete, you will be penalised 20x calories on the ASSAULT BIKE or VERSA CLIMBER.
  • Signatures are important – but so are other PEOPLE.  If you request a signature AFTER the next class has started (regardless of the reason why) you will be penalised 20x calories on the ASSAULT BIKE or VERSA CLIMBER.
  • Signatures are important – but if you don’t finish ALL of the class because you ARRIVED LATE you will be penalised 10x calories on the ASSAULT BIKE or VERSA CLIMBER for every minute late – these must be finished before your sheet can be signed.


You must complete each of Challenges EVERY WEEK of the challenge. The Challenges are detailed on the challenge sheet and are:

  • 28 DAYS LATER Cardio Challenge
  • 28 DAYS LATER Challenge Circuit
  • 28 DAYS LATER STRENGTH Challenge

Completion of each of the extras should be recorded by YOU on the SIGN-OFF sheet.  It is NOT NECESSARY to get these signed off by a trainer – but the trainers WILL CHECK to make sure you are signing them off!  If you have questions about the EXTRAS please LOOK at the VIDEO FIRST then ask the trainers for clarification…it is not that we DON’T want to help – it is just that it is not feasible to go through each of the exercises one-on-one with everyone in the gym! J (Which – after all – is why there is a video!).

TRAINING RULES Part#3:  ‘PRO’ Challenges

If you choose the ‘PRO’ option here, things work a little differently.  Each week you will have THREE (3) workouts to complete.  These are:

  • 28 Days Later Upper Body BLAST + ABS
  • 28 Days Later Lower Body BLAST + ABS
  • 28 DAYS Later Conditioning Circuit  (aka KARDIO KILLER aka ‘KK’)

Unlike the ‘FITNESS’ challenges which have been designed to take no more than 20-minutes to complete, these ‘PRO’ challenges can be expected to take between 25-40 minutes EACH to complete.  Again, each of these Challenges should be recorded by YOU on the SIGN-OFF sheet.  It is NOT NECESSARY to get these signed off by a trainer.  If you have questions about the challenges, Please be sure to watch the video on YouTube first.

What if I have questions?

Any questions can be asked via email to info@round1fitness.com.au.

To sign-up / register for the challenge please go to the 28-Days Later Challenge registration portal.

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