Trent Read

  • Bateman
  • Western Regional Manager - 3M Oil and Gas Division
  • 35-40
  • September 2012
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My Goals

I am a 37 year old married father of 3 girls - ages 6, 4 and 6months. I’m right into music, play guitar and piano and go to every gig I can afford. I love a punt on the nags and watching footy but with 3 girls, I’m learning that dance concerts and netball are just as much fun.  My goal is simple. I want to be as physically and mentally fit and healthy as I can to give my family everything I can to help. I used to train for myself because it seemed like a good thing to do, but I never stuck at it. I’ve always enjoyed being fit but have struggled to maintain a high level of fitness. I always tended to fade away. However, about 2 years ago my life changed drastically when my second daughter Addison was diagnosed with a rare neurological disease called Rett Syndrome. My whole perspective of my goals for training changed. Addison needs care around the clock, 24hours a day and we spend a lot of time in Princess Margaret Hospital. It is no longer an option for me to be unfit, unhealthy and unable to care for my family. She needs me, so I train for her. I train so I can be her legs. I train so I can carry her and be strong enough to hold her safely in the hydro pool. I train so I can be fit and well when she isn’t and she  needs me the most. I train to stay physically and mentally strong for my girls. When I feel like I can’t do another burpee, I think of Addi  and I try and do one more. If I feel like I can’t possibly do one more squat, I remind myself I need strong legs to carry her. If her daily challenges are weighing me down, I hit the bags until I can’t punch anymore and I leave it in the gym. Round One's classes have made my whole body stronger, more flexible and fitter than I have ever been. The variety of exercises has made parts of my body I used to neglect, get the attention they need and my general health and resistance to sickness, has improved dramatically. This gym and its classes keep me on track to being the person I need to be and my goal is to stick it out for as long as my body lets me. If I strip body fat along the way, then that’s a bonus I’m happy to enjoy!


6am Weekdays 2-3 times per week generally. If I miss one, I pick up one here and there on the way home on a Thursday or Friday. I run once a week  and do a pilates session once a week as well. 6am is the only time of day I can get to the gym without having to lean on others. Also, afterwards I feel alive and ready to tackle the day

First Class

First class was a beginners session in the evening. Tagged along with a friend who was keen. I thought I was relatively fit going in, but realised 15minutes in, I had a bit to improve. It really opened my eyes to the fact that whilst I’ve always been a runner and done weights, there was so many muscle groups that I had not worked because they were “too hard” I stuck with the beginners for about a month before progressing and haven’t looked back since.

Most memorable class

A midday class one day which was all Hindu Push ups, tricep dips and tricep push ups. I couldn’t turn my steering wheel, brush my teeth, or lift my arms for anything for near on a week and realised I may have overdone it a little. I must admit that my favourite classes are the 1 minute rounds. I find they really give me a good balanced workout and make for a great start to the day.

Favourite exercise

Combination Bags. Punching the stuffing out of the bag leaves you spent, sweating and breathing that hard, there is nothing that beats it. Ab wheels rock as well. They hurt in such a good way!

Most hated exercise

Wall Squats. Plain and simply can’t do them well. I hate them because they highlight how much more I need to improve on my leg work. Just when I think I’m going well in squats, the wall tells me  "No!" To cheat, I have to move away from the wall slightly and go slow to do less reps between bells. Even then I still hate them.

Advice to share

Motivation. Find a meaningful reason to train. To train consistently at the intensity that Round 1 sessions move at, you need dedication. With a long term goal, you can stay driven. Training is something I do first in my spare time, not last, and I find myself planning my week around training no matter where I’m at. Round 1 offers so many classes that cover the entire body so there is always a time that you can get it done. Recognise when you need to rest. I used to measure my success by how many sessions and I’d end up injuring myself. So now, I listen to my body and try something different if I’m not feeling right. Give it everything for 45mins. Its worth it.