Tracy Kelsey

  • Atwell
  • I run mine & my husbands plumbing company, I deal with delightful people on a daily basis & try hard not to mess up our books.
  • 39
  • September 2011
Tracy Kelsey

My Goals

I train to stay fit & healthy, but I also train to keep me sane. Fitness is in my blood & if I’m not training the people around me suffer the most, even my kids comment on my mood the days I haven’t been to the gym, training keeps my mind & body healthy & feeling alive! I don’t train to live but rather I live to train! And Round 1 is the only gym I have ever felt completely at home in! LOVE MY GYM!!!!


I am a 6amer, always have been & will be forever more. It’s he perfect time for me, I have no work distractions & no family members needing my attention, at 6am it’s all about me & I love it!

First Class

First class was with a girlfriend of mine who had asked me to join her at the gym because she wanted to get in shape. I went with not knowing what I was in for, but feeling fairly confident I could cope, I was after all fairly fit!!!. The class was brutal, well I thought so at the time, my friend left 5 mins in & sat in the bathroom for most of the class, leaving me all alone!!! Mike was taking the class & he was being his usual scary self, I wasn’t sure wether to smile or cry every time he looked at me, all I knew was that I was not going to give up. I walked out of the gym really annoyed at my friend but I knew I would be back even if she wasn’t. And that is how this awesome journey of mine began! And I have never looked back.

Most memorable class

This has to be the 1 min round class where Amanda Dixon & I got punished way beyond our expectations, it all had something to do with a shirt & Sean & the kids class…the picture we took was worth all the punishment we received.

Favourite exercise

I have a few, believe it or not. The best ones have to be any with the barbell, especially if they combine squats as well, I love squats, I may not always do them 100% but I do love them.

Most hated exercise

Again I have so many, but by far the worst has to be BIKES, no matter how fast my mind is telling my legs to peddle, once the bike goes above gear 14 I go really slow!! No tips on how to cheat, but trying not to get caught going the wrong speed is most important!

Advice to share

I tend to count reps in 10’s & if worse comes to worse I drop down to 5’s, I find it easier to get 10 good reps out & push to go again, than trying to just push out who knows how many, minutes can feel like hours sometimes & doing this really helps me get the most out of the exercises I find hard, like fence pulls & military press.