Stephanie Marshall

  • Hammond Park
  • HR/Payroll
  • Mid-20's
  • September 2011
jax and Steph pic

My Goals

Get back to my pre-baby weight & become more toned. To be stronger, fitter and healthier.


Between 3 to 5 times a week. Monday, Wednesday & Thursday evenings and Friday and Sunday mornings. I like to do a variety of classes – Boxing, Bodywork & One Minute Rounds. If I can get someone to babysit my son I always try to squeeze in an extra session here and there.<em> </em>

First Class

Loved, loved, LOVED my first class. I remember feeling so sore and satisfied that I had done a good workout. Beginners classes are a good way to gauge how fit you are before progressing to Boxing for Fitness and Body Work. Although I considered myself “fit” playing netball and swimming, my body said otherwise after those first few classes! My sister Vanessa and I did Beginners for a month before we felt ready for a Boxing for Fitness class. After doing Boxing for Fitness for a month we then decided to ‘attempt’ Bodywork which we also loved (and hate from time to time haha).

Most memorable class

Doing the “No Rules” Friday Night Bodywork “100” class. Hardest class I think I have ever done in order to receive 2 signatures for the April Challenge. I was so proud of myself to achieve what I originally thought was impossible and complete not 25 but <strong>26 </strong>classes within the month!

Favourite exercise

I like most exercises – ab work, squats and using the speed ball and combo bags would be my favourite. You know you are getting fitter when you can bridge continuously for 2 minutes, talk and not break into a sweat!

Most hated exercise

- What else?! - Spin bikes of course! No matter how much time I spend on them they never seem to get easier - Chin ups – no explanation needed - Burpees – although I should be awesome at them now considering how often I seem to get given them!

Advice to share

I love the Round 1 Motto “Get It Done”. Even if you have zero motivation from the moment you walk into the gym the energy and enthusiasm is infectious! But a word of caution - If you happen to train near my sister and I, chances are you will be roped into doing extra burpees or whatever other punishment the trainers deem necessary in order to ‘try’ to stop us from talking.