Sophie Forte

  • Yangebup
  • Stay at home mum of 2/Beauty Therapist
  • 25-30
  • August 2011
Sophie Forte

My Goals

Initially I started coming to Round One to lose the extra weight gained after having my second baby. I started coming when she was 5 weeks old, I was that keen! I thought that I would come until I was back down to pre-baby weight, then I wouldn’t need to come anymore. Since I started, my whole attitude to training and eating has changed. I now know that this isn’t a temporary part of my lifestyle; it’s the new me. When I’m back down to my desired weight (which I’m hoping to achieve by the new year), my next goal will be to maintain the weight and be fitter than I’ve ever been. I’d love to have definition in my muscles, which is something I’ve never had before.


I started with just one class a week, then 2, then 3, and then 4-5 as each week passed. In the month of October 2011 I’m coming 6 days a week. I can only make it to the 8pm classes during the week and I attempt a double session on Saturdays and Sundays at 10am and 11am. I love coming so often, because I get to do classes with all of the awesome trainers each week and I feel fantastic after each class.

First Class

I will always remember my first class. It was a Sunday with Sean. I was feeling good about it, not too nervous. I warned him that I was going to be completely useless at everything as it was the first exercise I’d done since highschool (almost 10 years!). And I was. I couldn’t skip for more than 30 seconds and my punches were slow and weak. Also I didn’t get anywhere near keeping up on the bikes and that was gear 14 at 100rpm. When I got home that day, exhausted and very sweaty, Joe asked me how I went and I said ‘That was the best thing I’ve ever done!’

Most memorable class

I have to say, the most memorable class for me was when I attempted my first double. I had been doing the ‘normal’ boxing classes for a week or two and I thought I’d give the double a go. I think it was a Sunday and Mike was taking the class. I got through the first one ok and I was pretty chuffed with myself going into the second one. But unfortunately 2/3 of the way through the second session, my body and mind gave up and I ended up walking out in tears. I was a bit embarrassed, but I don’t think anyone noticed. This made me even more determined to finish 2 classes in a row and I think I achieved it a few weeks later.

Favourite exercise

I love the shields. I like that I punch as hard as I can and the shield doesn’t move (not that the heavy bag moves much when I punch it!). I also like how it’s heaps softer than the other bags, so it cushions the impact on my knuckles. I have always enjoyed skipping, because it gives me a great cardio workout and I was very proud when I did my first double skip. I actually enjoy reverse crunches for some reason. Especially now that I can do them without my hands!

Most hated exercise

The list of exercises I hate keeps getting smaller as I get fitter. I pretty much hated most of them when I first started. I’m hoping one day I won’t hate any of them. Although I’m pretty sure bikes, rings, wall sits, ab wheels and burpees will never reach my top ten favourites!

Advice to share

My advice is to forget what you think you can or can’t achieve and just go into the gym with an open mind. Once you get rid of your excuses, it’s amazing what you can do. Never think ‘I can’t do this’. Always say to yourself ‘I really suck at doing this right now, but if I keep practicing I will become AWESOME at it’. Watch what you eat! It’s amazing how many calories are in the foods we love. It’s all very well working hard at the gym, but if you get home and binge on junk every day you will never see good results. It’s worth working out calories in your food so you have an idea what you should be avoiding or keeping to a minimum. Keep at it! There will be times when your motivation goes out the window or your mind isn’t in the right place when you work out, especially when results take their time. But if you keep working out as hard as you can and you keep watching what you are eating, the results will come. It took me 6 weeks before I noticed any changes in my body. And that was when I was coming 3-5 times a week. Since I started 3 months ago I have lost 6kgs and I look and feel awesome!