Simon Nice

  • Piara Waters
  • Chief Engineer - Aviation
  • 35-40
  • Early 2013

My Goals

Not that long ago I was at my heaviest, that being 100kg and had smoked a packet of ciggies a day for approx 15 years. After a reality check 30 metres underwater and nearly having a panic attack as I couldn't breath,thinking  my scuba gear had failed me (which it hadn't), that was enough for me to kick the habit, get in shape and change my lifestyle. Fast forward to April this year where I surprised the hell out of myself by firstly finishing the Spartan Race, finding out I finished 79th out of 1619 people and 13th in my age category. For the first time in my life in a fitness perspective, I was extremely proud of myself. Round 1 can take a bow for that. My goals now are obviously to finish 78th or better next year and to maintain my fitness for as long as my body will allow. With a 2 year old and 1 on the way, I'll have to keep the fitness going for quite a while!!!!!!!


During the week 4pm and on the weekends 8.15am when I can. Fits well for me with work life and family life.

First Class

A mate dragged me along as he carried on about this boxing gym so thought why not, what's the worst that could happen. The worst that could happen was staggering out of there not knowing if I was dying or on the verge of vomiting / crapping myself. Whatever that feeling was, I'm sure a couple of internal organs shut down. About a week later when I could walk again, I plucked up the courage to return and haven't looked back.

Most memorable class

Tough choice but for me, every Friday 4pm is 'the most memorable class'. In a former life Friday arvos were a trip to the pub. Now it's spending an hour with the Round 1 team, some great mates, and of course paying out on Lloydy!!!!!!!! No better way to start a weekend after a stressful week.

Favourite exercise

Love my cardio so anything that gets the heart pumping, so pretty much all of it.

Most hated exercise

I wouldn't say I hate anything. You can keep the new assault bikes though, and any kettle bell that is white or gold. The next farmer bin walk / stagger that involves white kettlebells, you could be missing a couple.

Advice to share

Anytime it hurts, it's a good thing. If it stops hurting.....go harder!!!!!!!!!!!