Simon Gie

  • Bayview Estate
  • Electronics Technician
  • 30-35
  • April 2012
Simon and Sam - Small

My Goals


I normally train at the 06:15 class, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. It just sets the tone for the day and there’s also no way to use being tired from work as an excuse not to go. Exercise in the morning gets the metabolism going and you’ll get to work feeling wide awake and ready to roll……depending on the class that Michael has given!

First Class

Nervous, unnecessarily intimidated and amped to hit some bags.

Most memorable class

Any of the ones that involved bin runs! And the one where I had to do 2 bin runs with a tyre! And most recently, the pushups class.  (I am sure everyone knows the one I mean!)

Favourite exercise

I have 2. The floor-to-ceiling bag, because it’s pretty rewarding moving on from plain punches to mixing it up with a few combos and weaving in and out. My other favourite is the heavy bag, because sometimes you just want to hit something!

Most hated exercise

The bridge! No particular reason actually, I just struggle with it but I am getting better. The best way to cheat at this one is to drop to your knees when Michael isn’t looking!

Advice to share

Forget the nerves, just come down once and the rest is easy. It’s such a great atmosphere, all the stations are explained prior to starting and there are people here at all levels of fitness so there is no need to feel intimidated at all.