Shaun Miller

  • Willagee
  • Director at Parametric
  • 40
  • June 2014

My Goals

Build fitness, get back on my bike and to lose weight. So far I am the fittest I have ever been and can do a good number of kilometres on the bike. The weight is still a struggle, I have managed to drop a good amount so far and it’s heading in the right direction, it’s a slow process. My next big challenge is to cycle 420kms in 8 days from Ankor Wat in Cambodia to Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam in November to raise money for the Christina Noble Children’s Foundation. It’s a cause that’s close to my heart.  To read more about the foundation - and my journey - please follow this link: <a href="''" target="_blank">Everyday Hero</a>


Mornings, 5 or 6am, 3 times a week, occasional weekend class or some extras on Sunday.  Getting back into cycling to work now too which would have been impossible 12 months ago due to poor core strength and back troubles, Round1 have solved that! Mornings are great to get some blood pumping and hard work done 1<sup>st</sup> thing, fantastic to head into the rest of the day with some runs already on the board.

First Class

I was first introduced to the Round 1 crowd when I attended a Round1 paint ball session with a few mates (Chris and Craig) who were already members, was good fun. First class was a beginners on a Thursday night, was exhausted from work and really couldn’t be arsed going but the fellas were pretty insistent and I had well and truly resigned myself to the fact nothing was going to change unless I made it that change happen. Class went well, left pretty stuffed and sore the next day, kept at it for a few weeks as a casual and then grabbed a membership with Mike’s wise words still fresh in my ears ‘you just gotta turn up’.

Most memorable class

The classes are good, really are, however the stand out feature and most memorable moments from going to Round1 are from the people at the gym.  Trainers and other members give such genuine encouragement and create such a positive environment that it is really easy to put in the effort even if you are running behind the pack or struggling to make reps before the bell.

Favourite exercise

Push ups/fence pulls… it’s a love hate thing… when I started I really struggled with both so they have become my yardstick for keeping track of improvement.  Getting much better at both and am stoked about that, however too many in a class and it gets to a point where I just can’t do anymore.

Most hated exercise

Pull ups and hindus… like a push ups just harder! But really must be bear crawls, they are super awkward, seem like a lot of effort for not much and I find break the rhythm of an otherwise great class.

Advice to share

It’s always the little, consistent efforts that make the biggest difference, and the only way to ensure they all add up is to track/record the changes you are making and recording a baseline, be it exercise done or food eaten.  Man so easy to say… so difficult to do! Oh and of course, just keep turning up.