Ross D

  • Melville
  • IT
  • 30-35
  • October 2010
Ross Dempster

My Goals

Lose weight, build cardio endurance, and generally become fit.


Currently train mon – fri approx 3-4 times at the 5PM classes, and will attempt to sneak in a Sat and or Sun morning class! Will be converting to the morning 6AM classes to give them a go.

First Class

I felt pretty pumped to get into it, went a few previous ‘boxing for fitness” classes at other clubs, but from first impression and general vibe of Round 1 Fitness felt welcoming and supportive. First class was an awesome experience, immediately after I knew that this was the best place that was going to meet my goals of losing weight, building on my cardio and generally becoming fit. So I signed up for a 12 month membership!

Most memorable class

I think it was like my third or fourth class when I really went “all out” to see how far I could push myself. It was the closest I’ve come to almost spewing – and for me that felt great, getting to that point where I felt that I couldn’t go any further!!

Favourite exercise

I enjoy the bag work/ body exercise mix up. Ie 20 punches on the Heavy Bag, then 2 pushups; 20 punches on the light bag, then 2 burpees, etc

Most hated exercise

The up, halfway, down slow pushup! “Pushup Positions: Down, Halfway, Up, Halfway, Down, Halfway, Down, Halfway, Up, Down, Halfway”  - for the duration of that round, usually like 2-3mins!! (Note being that this usually will be the last exercise of the session!)

Advice to share

Consistency – the only way to get results is to stick at it! Any exercise that you think is ‘too hard’ to do will be a test and seem impossible, but the next time you do that same exercise it’s just that ‘little bit’ easier.