Rebecca H

  • Atwell
  • Accountant
  • 35-40
  • September 2010
Rebecca Harris

My Goals

Initially I was training to lose weight, I had lost 35 kilos altogether over the previous 12 months and when I started boxing I had 8 kilos to go. I was getting bored with my exercise routine, the usual Body Pump, Body Combat classes - Round One Fitness Boxing classes offered something different, a variety in exercises and also so many classes I was easily able to fit it into my hectic life. I lost the 8 kilos relatively quickly, but something amazing happened along the way - I realised my fitness levels had moved to a whole different level and I started to see muscle definition in my upper body. This sparked an interest in lifting weights, which the trainers at Round One helped me with (there is a gym upstairs) and also I started to learn more about nutrition. My goals are now to be fitter, stronger and leaner….


6am class Tuesday and Friday and 9am class Saturday and Sunday (plus weights)

First Class

My first class I felt very nervous, I had never boxed before and didn’t really know what to expect. The trainer realised it was my first class and made sure I knew what I was doing, but it was actually quite easy just to follow everyone else in the class. The first class was 2 minute rounds of various different exercises, including hitting the heavy bags, speed ball, skipping, which I expected. But also there was a lot of push ups, burpees and lunges which I had not expected! I LOVED the class, even though by the end I was exhausted…..

Most memorable class

The circuit class, 44 different stations, each one a minute – budded up with another member and challenged him at each station to get the most burpees, push ups, bicep curls, ab crunches etc in the minute… really pushed it and realised my body can do a lot more than I thought – found that a LOT of working out, with intensity to improve fitness, starts in your head and in the belief that you can do it. Where your mind goes, your body will follow! All my classes since I keep a mental tally of how many of each exercise I am doing and try to beat my last number……. It’s really helped to increase overall fitness. One of the standout things about training at Round one fitness is that I have NEVER completed the same class twice and so you NEVER get bored.

Favourite exercise

I love the actual boxing, punching the heavy bag as hard as I can, doing combinations on the combo bag, hitting the light bag with speed and force…. There is something quite primal about punching, it releases a lot of aggression and yet I feel totally energised after…… Plus it sculpts the upper body brilliantly!

Most hated exercise

I HATE the bikes!!!! With a passion…. Cycling just does nothing for me, but it is excellent cardio… I do cheat, the trainer will tell the class to keep the rpm above 120…. So I pedal at around 90 or 100 until the trainer approaches to check everyone’s speed (which they do and if you are under you have to go up 5 gears – trust me, you don’t want to do that) and then I will pedal harder to get it over 120…… until the trainer walks away again! Ha ha…..  telling all my secrets – wont be able to get away with that one again!

Advice to share

You can complete the classes at your fitness level and your chosen intensity…. Which means you can take it easy (and not see such good results) or you can push yourself each and every time (and see AMAZING things happen to your body and your fitness levels). As you work harder and get fitter, you can start to punch quicker, do push on your toes, dips with your feet raised, use the 15kg bar bell not the 10kg bar bell etc The trainers will push you, encourage you….but you have to dig deep and just go for it. I now do things I never dreamed I could achieve and I now have goals and aspirations that would have never entered my head before. My new personal motto “Lift Heavy. Get Sweaty. Eat Right”   If you are reading this and wondering wether or not to try a class, then JUST DO IT! Trust me, you won’t regret it…………