• Atwell
  • Engineer
  • 30-35
  • Jan 2013 (with a few months of casual classes before that)
Piotr Jorek

My Goals

This is Michael typing here - and I am ad libbing Piotr's goals. He started off wanting to lose (or rather, re-assign!) a few kgs - just like most of us I suppose.  For the last couple of months he has been focussing on getting stronger whilst maintaining a solid 'fit for life' type base - which is why you will find him splitting his time between the weights room and the boxing classes these days.


I aim to get 5 sessions a week (or more) done. 6am is the usual choice but I also do appear in the evenings and happen to make the occasional 6am Saturday Tanks class.

First Class

Most memorable class

This would have to be my first “No Rules” class. A few weeks after joining R1 I had the busiest week at work and did not make it to any classes so decided to give the Friday afternoon’s “No Rules” a go. That’s when I was given a skipping rope and told to skip for 5 minutes. The problem was I had never skipped before. I took the rope and hid in the corner and proceeded to do what one would could call “Gangnam Style” type of horse galloping skips. A day later I bought a skipping rope and did some rope skipping homework. I can proudly say that I’ve mastered the art of rope skipping now and there will not be any ugly horse galloping on display at R1 anymore.

Favourite exercise

I like them all (except read “Most Hated Exercises”). They’re all structured very well to give you a full body workout.

Most hated exercise

Wall Balls – I absolutely hate them. I don’t think there is anyone out there who can honestly put up their hand and say: “You know what, I really enjoyed this exercise, and I hope there will be more of it tomorrow”. Cheating: You can easily buy yourself a few seconds rest whilst doing Wall Balls. Every few bounces let the ball fall through your hands (make it look accidental) and let it hit the ground. By the time you pick it up, re-settle yourself you have easily saved yourself 5-10 seconds of torture.

Advice to share

This will sound like an old cliché but even though things might seem hard at first, try and stick with it. In weeks and months to come they won’t seem so hard anymore.