Peter Brear

  • Mandurah
  • Footy Development Officer
  • March 2010 (Old School!)

My Goals

Drop weight, get fit and find a good woman.


6am and 5pm (work) and 9:15am on Sunday. Just have built up to 5 times a week.   It all suits me at the moment.

First Class

I’m still addicted and look forward to it.   A lot of hate for Pratty during & glad when I finish.

Most memorable class

I love the 1 minute classes on Thursdays.

Favourite exercise

Speed ball and floor to ceiling ball.

Most hated exercise

The list is far too long – I try to count during all exercises to pace myself, I don’t think I hold back on the bags, but time on bikes/X trainer drags (120 and 110 is near impossible for me).

Advice to share

Don’t stop, count your punches/reps/skips etc so you know where are and you’re working hard.   I’m amazed at people who can carry on a conversation.   Just get it done at 100%.