Natalie Johnson

  • Bibra Lake
  • Accounts/Office Manager
  • Early 40s
  • Christmas 2011
Natalie J #3

My Goals

I have been training forever, I just love working out.  I’ve always had personal trainers and been a member of a gym. It wasn’t until November 2011, after a rather disturbing incident happened to me, that I decided to put myself first and do something I had been wanting to do for years.  I decided to have a crack at body sculpting and my first competition would be in May 2012.  I started with a trainer in January who helped me with a nutrition plan and weights program and along with the Round 1 Boxing classes I went from 78kg and 28.5% body fat to 65kg and 10.3% body fat in 5 months.  My goal is to see just how far I can take it and compete in the figure division in September, 2012.


I have always trained at 6am, it fits in with the kids and school and work and I find I have more energy first thing in the morning.  Its probably just what my body has become used to, but it works for me.  Plus the added bonus of training first thing in the morning is greater fat burning potential and I’m left feeling energised for the rest of the day.  So much so that I have been able to go back in the evenings and do another work out.

First Class

I was actually scared to death going into my first class.  A friend and I gave moral support to each other and went together.  I was shattered afterwards, but it felt great just the same.  It was such a huge eye opener for me I thought I was fit.  I was doing mini triathlons in 2011 and after doing just one Round 1 Boxing class, I realised I wasn’t as fit as I thought.  And I was hooked, I knew it would help me achieve the results I was wanting to.  My friend however didn’t return.

Most memorable class

They are all as memorable as each other, mainly for the pain involved.  But if I had to pick the worst it would be when doing the sleds.  Completely insane, they just didn’t want to slip across the floor at all.  I think I came close to spewing in those classes.

Favourite exercise

Call me insane but my favourite now is actually the burpees.  I think I’ve done so damn many since going to Round 1 that I actually do love them.  I used to find them so difficult and taxing (and I never used to do them with the pushup either).  Things do get easier the fitter, stronger and leaner you get though.

Most hated exercise

Hate with a passion chin ups.  They are just so damn hard.  My goal is to be able to do them unassisted but using the bands makes it so much better.

Advice to share

My main motivation at the moment is proving all the lies we are getting fed about nutrition.  And proving that at any age you can achieve your health, fitness and body shape goals. But I have had a few other motivators over the years.  After having my kids 17 years ago I almost hit the 100kg mark on the scales, at the same time my brother was diagnosed type 1 Diabetic.  I saw that as a sign and got my ass to the gym.  In April this year my daughter had heart surgery for an hereditary condition which I do also have but doesn’t cause me any trouble due to being fit and healthy. People that know me and have seen the huge changes I’ve gone through constantly ask me what I did, how I did it and what sacrifices I’ve made and how much have I had to deprive myself.  Drives me insane!  I have not felt or been deprived in any way or made sacrifices and done things that I couldn’t sustain for life.  I’ve simply gone back to basics and removed all refined carbs, grains, refined and artificial sugars, dairy, soy, plastics, makeup products containing parabens and all those bad chemicals, alcohol and only eat fresh organic meats and vegetables, eggs,  nuts, filtered water and take essential minerals like magnesium and zinc.  These are the only things our bodies need to survive and can use efficiently.  I eat every 3 hours and certainly don’t go hungry at any time.  I still go out every Saturday night for dinner and have my cheat meal, but I do still stick to the healthier options.  I don’t have cravings, don’t have sleep issues and don’t have stress issues. I am actually the fittest, healthiest and leanest I’ve ever been in my whole life right now and feel absolutely fantastic.  Not once in this whole process have I plateaued and in fact I am still losing weight and body fat. Just from what I have learnt myself with constant research and reading and putting things into practise and listening to my body, you can spot reduce, you can live without carbs, you can achieve what you want with a bit of hard work and determination.  Oh and ladies, you must, must, must include a weights program into your workouts.  Stop talking so much through the classes and work harder.