Lonneke Holleman

  • Yangebup
  • Health and Physical Education Teacher
  • 35
  • October 2013

My Goals

I go to Round 1 to complement my distance running. I am currently training for the Melbourne Marathon in October, and the gym is a great way to cross-train and build over-all strength.


I like to train in the evening after work. My brain is not working in the morning!

First Class

I felt really motivated before my first class. My sister was raving about Round One, so I just had to check it out for myself!

Most memorable class

Editors note:  Lon left this section blank on her template but I am sure she wanted to say any class featuring some combination of assault bikes, goblet squats and walking lunges! :-)

Favourite exercise

I love Boxing and the whole circuit type training, as it is very cathartic especially after being around teenagers all day! I especially love the endorphin induced buzz that I get after each class.

Most hated exercise

I don’t like too much leg work, as I run so much on the days that I am not at the gym and my legs are often cactus!

Advice to share

Do the time - Just do the time. Don't think about how you feel now, think of how you will feel AFTER the session.