Leigh Moore

  • Yangebup
  • Own a Real Estate Sales & Property Management business in Kardinya.
  • 30-35
  • New Years Eve, 2012

My Goals

Just aiming to maintain a healthy lifestyle, whilst being a good role model from that perspective for our kids.


Normally 4pm on weekdays (when I can, depending upon work and kids), and then Saturday and Sunday mornings.

First Class

Boxing… it was a hot day, it was a tough class… I came home and spewed! Loved it, so I’ve been going back ever since. I thought I was pretty fit then, but I feel that I’m much fitter and stronger now thanks to the style of training we do at Round 1.

Most memorable class

I don’t really have a most memorable class… Regardless of whether I’m doing boxing, body work or TANKS, it’s always a great environment. It’s like a big family… everyone seems to get on really well and we have a laugh, even when the training is hard. The trainers are dead set legends who walk the walk, and are happy to have a bit banter while training you.

Favourite exercise

I always had chicken legs growing up, so I don’t mind doing legs now. I prefer strength work over cardio.

Most hated exercise

I’m not really friends with the assault bike and ski erg. Ab work doesn’t really excite me either.

Advice to share

Enjoy yourself and make some new friends while you’re at it. If you don’t enjoy getting down to the gym, you’ll struggle to go back. Don’t underestimate how good this gym is… the style of classes are unlike other gyms. If you train hard, you’ll get results, no matter what your goals are.