Kimberley Searle

  • Aubin Grove
  • Full time mum to two beautiful Daughters Amber & Asha
  • 25
  • June 2012
Kim Searle

My Goals

At the moment I train to loose 5kgs! Tone up and gain more strength! So doing the classes and weights alongside a real and wholesome diet I will get there! I will always continue to push myself to new goals as when you reach these targets that satisfaction is amazing! My long term goal is to study cert 3&4 in fitness and management to one day be a personal trainer and help people like myself reach and achieve their fitness goals!


I train mostly at nights 6pm as I have to wait till my partner comes home to look after the kids! I also go Mondays and Thursdays daytime as the kids are at school and daycare. I enjoy being able to vary the times I go to the gym as it gives me the opportunity to meet new people during the day and if I work out daytime I can then enjoy that family time at home! When I go nights I enjoy that too as I can punch the bag or lift weights after a long day! Either way I just enjoy going to the gym anytime I can.

First Class

It was a Wednesday night – I felt quite anxious as I hadn’t stepped inside a gym for a while. I always did exercise but nothing like what they provide at Round 1.
I remember watching on as the class before mine was finishing up and thinking “oh.. im going to actually die”! Jason approached me obviously realising I was a “newbie” and told me a bit about how the gym works and claimed I'd be OK!! 
It was definitely a hard kick up the butt as I thought I was fitter! I was sore as hell but it was such an awesome feeling after finishing the class!  I couldn’t wait to come back the next day.

Most memorable class

Classes are always very “MEMORABLE”! in a twisted kind of way! I remember this one time I was there for a ‘class’ but ended up for the whole 45 minutes just doing Wall Balls and Thrusters!!!! Blimey!! I couldn’t walk for days – a duck could of waddled better than me! There is always such a great vibe at round 1 and each class is ultimately awesome and unique! If you work hard you will definitely feel and see the results.

Favourite exercise

I have a new LOVE for weights! Ive come from starting at just doing 1 class a day, to double classes that I will try make one a Bodywork and now will do just weights or weights and a class! i had a few PT’s and that’s what got me to reach outside my comfort zone and work on new exciting goals! Im still learning ALOT about technique and all the different exercises but its definitely something I love and enjoy.

Most hated exercise

Burpeeeeeeeessssss! (and also Tuck jumps!!!!)

Advice to share

If you want to change your lifestyle and become fitter make time to workout! Commit yourself to a workout plan that suits your lifestyle and always train hard. Have short and long term goals as these will help to keep you motivated! If you want to achieve your goals you will be happy to work hard inside and outside the gym.