Kat Saxon

  • Success
  • Mum, Beauty Therapist, Face Painter, Canteen manager
  • I attended on a casual basis from around 2012 but fully fledged member since early 2014

My Goals

I would like to continue to get better and stronger. I would like to start doing some lifting and I would like to get better with body weight exercises. And I would like to continue having fun......always


I’m a 5.00am gal! I LOVE this time to train! I started training at 5am  early 2014 as I started a new job and really....it was the only time that fit in well with my routine. I train mon-fri at Round One and I like to go for a walk/jog on the weekends. I want to be a good role model to my kids and show them that exercise is important and you should fit it in no matter what. If your routine changes, then adjust your schedule or find the time to still exercise. I hope they see what I do and use my example later on in their lives.

First Class

My first class was on a Thursday at 12.00pm so therefore, was a one minute round. I went along to support two other friends in their first class as they were a little scared.....and I always like new things so....why not! I had completely underestimated what it would be like, I had done a body combat class that morning, plus had ridden my bike to Round One before the class (stupid is as stupid does J) and thought I would be fine during the class. Well.....I remember the trainer (Mike) yelling at my friend to go faster on the rower as I was punching a bag and dreading my turn on the rower, doubting myself the whole time. When it was my turn on the rower I gave it all I had and as the scary trainer walked past and checked the monitor he actually said to me....”That’s a good speed, keep it up”.......WOOHOO!! I did good! But nearly killed myself in the process. I also remember the class was a little quiet and on one of the stations we got to do some punching with the trainer as they wore the hand pads.......again I was dreading my turn, questioning my coordination, fearing I would miss the pad and punch the scary trainer in the face...what would he do to me then!?!?! But it turns out, I loved punching the pads, I did well and once the bell had rung I was told, one more....I did it...then told one more again.....and again....it was fantastic! I was knackered after my first class but I absolutely loved it! I was on such a high and wanted to tell everyone about my experience....but then I remembered....I had to ride my bike home....

Most memorable class

Well my first class is clearly a stand out to me J But I also remember a Sunday class with Lloyd where we had to do handstand pushups....I just remember having fun doing the handstand....even though I can only move millimetres in the push up it’s still fun to do the handstand J

Favourite exercise

I love anything I can hit, I love punching, love hitting the tires with the sledgehammer, I like flipping the tires too.  I love partner classes and always get excited when I walk in and see P1 and P2.

Most hated exercise

Hindu’s........ I feel like I’m going to pop all the veins in my face when I do them......and I don’t do them well....clearly. I’m not a huge fan of the bikes either but have found I have a love/hate relationship with them. I hate the thought of them but love how I can conquer them and feel proud of my efforts afterwards.

Advice to share

I’m the queen of self doubt but....I continue to surprise myself with what I am capable of. It’s easy to give advice to others but hard to believe it for yourself. I would say, go hard, push your limits, get out of your comfort zone...you might surprise yourself too. I would also say to have fun! I love coming to the gym every morning, the people are fantastic! I will always dance if there is a groovy song on (and try to recruit anyone around me to dance with me..... J) and I will sing as I train if the song motivates me to.....I still get the job done but I have loads of fun in the process.