Karz R

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  • August 2010

My Goals

Like every woman - weight loss.  Although now I'm just aiming for feeling healthy and fit.  Would like to become a PT so the fitter the better!


In my ideal world, Monday - Tuesday - Thursday - Friday at 7am and Sunday @ 10am.  But with work, social commitments and general life stuff it doesn't always happen.  I love the small 7am classes - we have a great group of regulars and get pushed really hard.

First Class

I honestly can't remember but I know Mike was scarey and it bloody hurt :-).  But hey, I came back.

Most memorable class

The whole of the month of March when the Bikes were hammered in preparation for the 'March Challenge'.  It did help a lot but then I had a month of holidays and went back to hating them.

Favourite exercise

Whingeing! Ha.  I don't have so much of a favorite exercise but I do love the 5minute rounds - less stations, less scattering about and more challenging.

Most hated exercise

hmmm....let's see.....the BIKE.  Straight to gear 22!

Advice to share

Stay focussed, breathe, don't rush the moves  - technique matters more than numbers.  Never count the rounds and don't let the trainers catch you slacking off.  Keep at it - I haven't been sick or had the flu since I started at the gym...touch wood.