Julie Lacey

  • August 2010
Julie Lacey

My Goals

After losing 44kg I wanted to maintain my goal weight, which was still classed as being overweight but I did not think I could get down to “normal” weight range for my height.  I had been exercising regularly and was not losing anymore weight, and was bored with what I was doing.  I did not expect that with the increase in fitness levels, and enjoying what I was doing, I would be able to drop more weight.  I am now a further 9kg lighter and within normal weight range for my height!  Total loss 53kg!


I train at 6pm.  Originally I would do the 9.15am class most days of the week after droppring the kids off at school, but I wanted to encourage my husband to also come.  After 6 months he came to his first class and he loved it!  I like that our kids see us going to the gym together, we were both very overweight and sedentary and they now see their parents providing a good healthy example for the first time in their lives!

First Class

The first class was nerve racking.  I had never done any form of boxing and did not know what to expect as it was the first week of opening.  I bought along a friend for support.  5 minutes into the start of the class I knew this was for me (and my friend still comes to this day).  I worked really hard and could hardly move over the next 5 days, but each day I turned up for a class and the muscles actually became loser the more I moved.  I was on a high each time I left knowing I had given it my all.

Most memorable class

The class that stands out the most is, a few months ago we did a class that had 280 lat raises and 280 push ups.  We had to do both each time the bell went.  That was a defining class for me.  It was the moment I realised I AM ACTUALLY FIT!  You need to be fit and have stamina to do 280 pushups and 280 lat raises!

Favourite exercise

I really enjoy the shields.  I seem to have more stamina than I ever thought I would have.  I can box hard and fast on the shields and I like it when Im next to a big muscly young guy and he has to break during the round, but I now have the stamina to continue.  Being so overweight for my whole life I had stamina for NOTHING before and Im 42 years old and in better shape than I have EVER been!

Most hated exercise

I hate the rings!  I think I hate them because I have trouble lifting my own weight (funny considering I am 53kg lighter than I used to be).  Yep I can cheat on them – when doing fence pulls I don’t lie almost flat on the ground and pull myself up, I kind of stand and lean right back and pull myself forwards rather than upward!

Advice to share

Advice, well don’t ever give up.  Little bits of progress each week turn into massive progress over a year.  I used to hate when I would see a small movement of only say .5kg on the scale some weeks, but then when you put it together that’s a 26kg loss over a year!   Exercise is the key – you need structure, technique and a great trainer.   Push yourself to your limit; you will be surprised at how far you are able to go with support.