Julie Burke

  • Perth (yep, in the city!)
  • Engineer
  • 26
  • June 2012

My Goals

I train to become a better person, both mentally and physically. I read a quote recently that said “I love it when people ask me what I'm training for. I just smile and say I'm training for life." I train to feel better, look better and act better. I have recently started meeting with a trainer to set a few short term goals that I’m working hard to achieve. One of them is to do unassisted chin-ups. That’s turning into a real challenge (see above).


Usually in the evenings when the traffic dies down so the commute from the city isn’t too bad. Early mornings and I don’t get along very well.

First Class

I bought a Scoopon that I found on the internet. I was going to a big box gym in the city, was incredibly bored and needed a change. Not having a car at the time, I got on the train after work and managed to find Round 1. I almost turned around about 10 times out of fear and not knowing where I was. The only class I could fit around the bus schedule was Body Work and was warned multiple times before I started it would be hard. I later learned that it was not a typical Body Work class: it started with 100 thrusters and 100 full sit-ups. Brutal! The sit-ups gave me a huge carpet burn on my ass for the next week. But was I hooked? Hell yeah.

Most memorable class

Tanks a few weeks back was memorable. We had to do Power Cleans and bike sprints and it was a challenging class. What made it memorable was the support and camaraderie by everyone involved. I don’t think I would have gotten through it if it wasn’t for the moral support and encouragement to get it done. And that’s special. You can’t find that at most gyms.

Favourite exercise

Anything to do with lifting/squatting/using a heavy barbell. There’s something very empowering about laying it back on the rack or throwing it down on the floor and knowing that you couldn’t lift that a few weeks or months before. Especially if you’re grunting like a lady :-) Taking out all my anger and frustration throwing punches at a heavy bag is fun too.

Most hated exercise

Burpees. They suck. Period. I think they’re hard because it’s impossible to cheat on them! And chin-ups. But I will get them soon.

Advice to share

Push your boundaries, good things happen outside your comfort zone. Whether it’s making the decision to join the gym, getting through a killer class, doing pushups on your toes instead of your knees, keeping the RPM above 120 on the bikes for a whole minute or going for extra weights and hitting a Personal Best, your body is a machine. You’d be surprised what it can do and how good you feel after you do it.