Josip Smolic

  • Aubin Grove
  • IT Networking
  • 30-35
  • July 2014

My Goals

To be the best version of myself, I can possibly be. Pushing myself as much as I can every day and see where it gets me.


Evenings 6 or 7 pm, after work, weekends 10:15am classes. Body work, boxing or my own stuff (well the programming the trainers have done for me). Shout out for all 5 and 6 am regulars, you guys are champions and insane at the same time!

First Class

I didn’t want to hear about boxing gym, but my wife kept talking and talking about it, so we went… First class hit me like a road train. It was a beginners boxing - Sean was running it - and even though it was called 'Beginners' it was a few levels above what I was able to handle at the time. For the first month in the gym, I felt soreness like never before. You can say Round 1 woke up some new feelings in me. I kept pushing and pushing - because of my ridiculous self-destructive Croatian mentality that I should not stop until there is not a single person lifting/jumping/boxing better than me.

Most memorable class

There were many… In general, each of the Body Work and No Rules classes about a year ago were memorable in their own way. One of the best ones was definitely the 'No Rules' Christmas dress up where we have done some unimaginable stuff with the sand bags… Run, push, pull, drag… I don’t even want to think about it or do anything similar again.

Favourite exercise

Hard to choose. Like choosing your favourite chocolate. They are all good, but some you like better than others. Love pull-ups and deadlifts.

Most hated exercise

In general anything with more than 10 reps is a struggle for me because of the way I have trained all my life. It is love and hate relationship I have with burpees and wall balls. When I need to do 200 of them (stated in the program) though, I will do it...but worse still, when I have 10-20 in the class to do, among other stuff, they are absolutely discussing. Also, dead bugs should be banned by the law.

Advice to share

Main one is to show up and give your best. Additionally eat well and train well, don’t look for shortcuts, work your ass off! Challenge your body, get it out the comfort zone, do the things you hate and you don’t know how to do. Fail every day and pick yourself up. Go one step at the time and listen to coaches, ask questions. I saw some amazing results at Round 1 and I had some remarkable improvement by keeping my mouth shut (for once) and listening.