Joe Ganci

  • Aubin Grove
  • Quality Control Manager
  • 45-50
  • January 2014
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My Goals

I started out the heaviest I've weighed in my life (97kg) so the initial reason was to lose the weight. I also went through a sleep study and was diagnosed with "moderate" sleep apnea. Since losing 10kg I no longer snore or stop breathing at night...And as they say, happy wife, happy life! I am starting to concentrate on core strength and body shape to a certain degree. Some abs definition would be nice too.....just sayin'.


I start work at 4:30am so the  4pm or 5pm classes suit me. Although, I do become envious of the 5am & 6am guys, its the BEST part of the day! Usually I'll do three boxing classes and one bodyworks class per week.

First Class

It was a Thursday night beginners class with Sean and I remember thinking "how hard can this be?" Sitting in the car shaking & sweating profusely after it was done simply confirmed how unfit and overweight I had  become! Struggling to do a simple ab-wheel exercise. Frog hops destroyed me & the skipping was just a joke. I'm sure if I could see myself skipping it would have been like shaking custard in a cup! As if I wasn't battling with the jumping, squatting & bloody ab wheel, Sean started explaining the kettlebell swing routine. Let me tell you something, when you get down that end of the gym you're usually sweating a fair bit so my greatest concern wasnt wether my "technique" was right, but praying that my sweaty hands wouldn't let go of the kettlebell letting it hurl uncontrollably towards the MIRRORS! I finally shuffled outside for the stretch down exhausted and exhilarated, BUT so determined to come back and do better.Took a week for the pain to subside so I could tackle the next class. I have my own little motto now.......the pain after a class I expect - the pain during a class I accept!

Most memorable class

Has to be the first back to back class I did on a Saturday morning. After listening to my 24yr old son say "It can't be that hard Dad", I suggested he come and do a beginners class. I finished my Bodyworks class & only intended to stay on and show him how to wrap his hands. I ended up doing the class with him.....he only got halfway around, then laying flat on his back out the front proceeded to let the girls fan him down and gatorade him up....while I FINISHED the class. (True story, ask Zara) Two things came from that, I realised how much fitter I had become & my son is still doing the classes, loves it & getting fit (but I'm still fitter).

Favourite exercise

BIKES BIKES BIKES!! Probably not everyones favourite piece of equipment, but I love them. I used to cycle approx 200km a week in a previous life so they don't hold any great fear for me. Most of the punching exercises get me going too. The shields are definately my favourite punching routine, probably because its far easier to hit a stationary target.....still struggling with the speed-ball. And thankfully I've mastered the art of kettlebell swings, no longer fearing a loss of grip & shattered glass!!

Most hated exercise

Burpees!! Bin runs!! & Box Jumps!! (must be a "B" thing) Allow me to elaborate: 1. Burpees - I dont mind push ups, or star jumps or squats...but putting them all together is just stupid. Whats more stupid is letting Lloyd catch you doing it wrong....just don't!  the consequences are not pretty! 2. Bin runs - Never been a great fan of running, much prefer cycling (see favourite exercise). So after a couple of months I was managing to shuffle the bin run route without stopping. This one particular day, feeling quite strong, I noticed a fellow R1er struggling on the outward stretch, so I felt chuffed to be able to encourage her & run with her whilst picking up the pace down the finishing stretch. Feeling proud/smug, my look of horror would have been priceless when she informed me that was LAP ONE of TWO. I'd just spent all my petrol tickets....idiot! 3. Box jumps - Hate would probably be too strong a word for this exercise but in my enthusiasm to prove my superman leap during a bodyworks class, I managed to whack my thumb under the frame, inflicting a nice cut that proceeded to bleed. Anyone can hit their shins, but I had to be different......Again, idiot!

Advice to share

It's an old saying, but it's true. Try hard NOT to cut corners, because you're only cheating yourself. Try to complete ALL the reps in a class. Try to make EVERY class count, that feeling of accomplishment is awesome. Try to encourage a fellow training partner when they're struggling. They WILL appreciate it. And......try NOT to piss the trainers off, you'll pay for it. Kettlebell farmers walks are NOT fun! But seriously, my underlying advice is TRY TRY TRY. You WILL thank yourself when you start seeing the results.