Jo Western

  • Seville Grove
  • Credit Management
  • 30-35
  • February 2012

My Goals

My initial goal was to lose weight and get fit and since joining R1 I have lost 17.5kgs! Now my goal is to maintain my weight and get fitter and stronger. My upper body strength is rather pathetic it’s embarrassing! I am a lot stronger since starting at R1, however I feel my upper body strength progression has been very slow. I would like to be able to do proper push-ups on my toes and do at least one chin up!


I train everyday except Saturdays, although sometimes I will mix it up and skip Sunday instead. I prefer mornings because it’s done and dusted, but on Tues/Thurs I come in the afternoon with my awesome nephew Ryan.

First Class

My friend found R1 on a website offering a scoopon deal. I remember 5 or 10 mins into the class, Mike yelled out “ok warm up done” and we both looked at each other like… WHAT? THAT was just a warm up???? We were horrified. I don’t remember anything else about that class though, must have blocked it out!

Most memorable class

Thursday night with Jason Totten. He gave Ryan and I a total of 7 bin runs between us that night. On one of my bin runs he made me take an orange kettle bell to run with. About half way I was buggered, so I decided to drop the kettle bell down and pick it up on the way back. I had a bit of a giggle thinking this was rather clever of me but as I was running back, I saw Jason walk out to check up on me! I remember seeing his silhouette in the distance and thinking “OMG he is going to see me without the kettle bell and now I’m going to die” I started to wonder if I could pick up the kettle bell without him seeing… but alas, I had put the kettle bell under the huge street light. I heard him yell out “I knew you would do that” so once I got back to the gym, I was given 25 burpees as and extra punishment.

Favourite exercise

Barbell Squats! They get my heart pumping, they hurt in all the right places and well… I’m awesome at them. I enjoy all the barbell exercises. I feel they give me the best results.

Most hated exercise

Inchworms. I hate the crawling down, I hate the two push-ups, I hate crawling back and I hate the tuck jump! Whenever I see on the wall “Inchworms each bell” I die a little inside.  You cant cheat on these either, except maybe the tuck jump at the end.

Advice to share

Be consistent in both your diet and training. Having a large break from your diet and exercise makes you lose motivation and then its hard to get back into the swing of things.. so if you’re on a roll… keep rolling ;) Oh! and to avoid being yelled at by the trainers, get to your station as fast as you can and always pedal faster when they are watching ;) Something I am still yet to master :P