Jess Spicer

  • Winthrop
  • Student Nurse
  • Mid 20
  • May 2016
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My Goals

I want to be able to do a 100kg squat, improve deadlift weight and technique and learn the more complicated moves like snatches and power cleans etc.


Most days and random times - whatever fits in with my schedule.

First Class

My first ever class was a beginners class on a Saturday and I remember it clearly because I was so impressed that Elie remembered my name! I thought it was pretty good so I turned up to a regular boxing class and yep that was a big mistake, almost passed out halfway through the class and had to go outside to recover. Pretty embarrassing but the guys in that particular group were really nice and encouraging (what I love most about this gym). I thought I could only get better from here so the next class I went to was a 7am class and there was only two other people in it, absolute torture! Mike shouting at you is pretty intimidating but that’s what I love about the 7am classes now :)

Most memorable class

Accidentally coming to a 4pm Bodywork class and doing deadlifts for the first time, couldn’t walk properly for a week! Kind of love the Bodywork classes now…

Favourite exercise

Squats, Deadlifts, Rowing and Tyre flips :)

Most hated exercise

The stupid Ski-ergs and farmer's carries.

Advice to share

I don’t think I have ever been this fit in my life and it’s because of this gym, I couldn't recommend it enough! The classes are hard but they are so fun, it’s the people and amazing trainers that make Round 1 so unique so my advice is to join and become an addict like I am now. :-)