Jeremy Sambrooks

  • Yangebup
  • Relief Teacher, Beer writer
  • 30-35
  • 2013

My Goals

It used to be cracking the hour in the City 2 Surf, but I’ve done that now (55:43 is my best time to date). These days I’m not working towards any specific goals, but improving my strength and cardiovascular fitness would be nice.


I like to get in 2-3 sessions each week - weekday afternoons and Saturday mornings are my favourite training times.

First Class

A boxing class run by Jason, one of the old trainers. I pushed myself way too hard at the start and was ready to pass out after the first ten minutes!

Most memorable class

I once turned up to a Body Work class mainly focused on legs - so many squats - I couldn’t walk properly for about five days afterwards!

Favourite exercise

Anytime we are doing combination punching.  I also like to run so bin runs are great!

Most hated exercise

I was never a fan of multi-jumps or jump squats BEFORE my knee I am really not a fan (but they are getting better).

Advice to share

Whether it’s training, diet or work - try to get into good habits. Getting started is often the greatest challenge.