Jena Gunther

  • Cockburn
  • Database Administrator
  • 35-40
  • May 2012

My Goals

I want to be good at everything from running to weight lifting and I find it hard to focus on getting better at just one thing. 10 chinups from dead hang would be good.


I train all over the shop but I prefer evenings if I can. I tend to prefer Bodywork classes if I can make it but love the variety in all the classes.

First Class

A Bodyworks class with Lloyd with full on tabata squats. I wasn’t sure what the go was so I asked a trainer if I was in the right spot for the 7pm class. Turned out it was Mike & he laughed at me for choosing a BW class as my first class. But that was it for Bodyworks and me....true love from the start.

Most memorable class

I have 2. First one was the day I met <a href="">Ian Burgess</a>. It was a class where you had to run from the heavy bags to the back wall of the gym and back in pairs & we somehow got paired up. It was game on from the first run as we raced against each other, sprinting around bags and people. Burgo might have beaten me int he end, but I like to think I put up a good fight and it was really good fun. The second was a TANKS class that involved 10-1 star box jump burpees and 1-10 KB swings and that’s it. Each star box jump burpee consists of 4 burpees  so 10 is really 40 and half the box jumps are done sideways. It nearly killed me but I got it done.

Favourite exercise

Olympic lifting  & KBs for sure. I enjoy the technical nature of lifting and the challenge to go heavy & hit PRs.  And whatever the newest exercise is because I find it really exciting to try new moves.

Most hated exercise

I hate the cross-trainers. With a passion.  No cheats, I just try to avoid the stupid, unnatural, cardio killers at all costs! And for some reason I also hate the shields...I find them so boring.

Advice to share

I love training, I try to train with commitment and intensity as often as I can. But changes to my physique have only really started after I did the first Whole Life Challenge (no grains, no sugar, no alcohol, no soft drinks, no dairy) in September 2012 & then again in April 2013. Until I’d had a go at this, you I had no idea how good you are supposed to feel. It has taken lots of trial and error and times when I have fallen off the wagon, but when I eat as closely to WLC as I can, I feel amazing. Also, make sure your technique is right. Ask questions & get the trainers to check your form. Not only do you risk injury if you do it wrong, but you miss out on the benefits when you do exercises incorrectly.