Jason Anderson

  • South Lake
  • Tradie
  • 40-45
  • Feb 2015
Jason Anderson

My Goals

Round 1 helped me achieve a massive goal last year, which was to run a marathon.  So thankful for Mike and the team that gave me the foundation of fitness that got me there. Now I'm keen to get better at my Olympic Lifting techniques.  I have got lot's to learn and know that my best 1RM is at least 25% more than it is right now!


Usually 4 or 5pm, but whenever really. Just working in with work and family.

First Class

Was late 2013.   Got a scoopon deal for 10 cheap classes I think. It was bloody hard work and I was shattered after. I have a distinct memory of being absolutely stunned after overhearing 2 guys in the warm down saying “see ya tomorrow”. These guys do this every day!!!

Most memorable class

Tanks- 10 Tonne front squat challenge, late 2014. My quads were destroyed for about a week.

Favourite exercise

Olympic Lifts - Clean and Jerk, and Snatch. I just love doing them and am in pursuit of perfecting my technique.

Most hated exercise

Turkish Get-ups (esp with the wrong kettlebell). They're hard, they take forever, are quite complex and just suck.

Advice to share

Have courage and get amongst it. There’s no resits so be good to yourself and those you encounter.