Jane Tram

  • Aubin Grive
  • Transport Scheduler
  • 25-30
  • 2012

My Goals

My goal is just to get stronger and to see the fat drop and muscle increase on my body scans.


5am or 6am. I need to get my training out of the way, otherwise after work there are just too many excuses for why I can’t make it!

First Class

My first class was from a Scoopon, but it didn’t say that I needed to go to a beginner’s class first. So, not knowing what I was in for I rocked up, didn’t know how to put my wraps on and was completely overwhelmed. Having not done much exercise previously, I went outside and hurled (twice) and still couldn’t complete the class! I got home and my knees buckled getting out of the car. Needless to say, I spent days recovering from that… but I’ve always enjoyed a challenge and it didn’t sit right with me that I had struggled so badly when others had breezed through it… so once I could walk again I went back (to the beginners class this time..!).

Most memorable class

Christmas Eve 2014. I’d never done a class before a public holiday and that was a shock…! I also couldn’t believe the number of people working out in Xmas costumes during the summer heat!

Favourite exercise

Pull ups. I went from not being able to do them at all, to being able to do a few strict ones, so I’m really proud of the progress I’ve made.

Most hated exercise

Anything cardio. It has always been my weakness.. And it’s hard to cheat on!

Advice to share

Work out your weakness and how to get around it. I’m always hungry, so I make sure I’ve prepared lots of healthy food including snacks. That way if I’m starving or if someone brings in cake to the office, I’ve got something else to eat instead of caving in.