Jahn Geldenhuys

  • Beeliar
  • Branch Manager at Total Business Technology group
  • 35-40
  • March 2013
Jahn Geldenhuys

My Goals

When I started, I had a goal of losing 20 Kg, getting fit and just getting healthy. I am almost at my goal weight, so now I just want to be as healthy and as fit as I can be and just enjoy myself in whatever I do. I aim to do Tough Mudder later on this year and look at getting my cycling back on track and competing in a few rides in the future. Did my first unassisted chin-up the other day so now expand on that and maybe one day do a muscle up.


I usually train at 8:00Pm, earlier if I can. With work commitments, getting home in the afternoon, taking the dog for a walk/run etc. This session just works well for me. I also try and do 6:00 Pm session on Fridays and 10:15Body works on Saturday. As mentioned earlier, train when you can, that’s what I do.

First Class

I knew I had to do something to start living a healthier lifestyle and specifically to lose weight and get fit. I had checked out some of the other gyms in the area, tried a few classes and even tried a cross-fit gym near Round 1; none of them gave me the satisfaction or drive I was looking for. On a whim, I decided to try Round 1 and signed up for the 3 day free pass. First class was a Sunday beginner’s class and the lady at the front desk (whom I now know was Vanessa) said that “he” was in a bad mood. Turns out “he” was a youngster called Lloyd and I do believe she was correct. To this day I’m not sure what we did to offend him, but half way through the “Warm-up” I was looking for a bucket, bin or some sort of receptacle so I wouldn’t totally embarrass myself. That was when I knew I was hooked. I was totally shattered after the class, took a day to reflect and signed up as a member 2 days later.

Most memorable class

2 classes stand out. The first one is my very first class, for all the reasons mentioned earlier. The second one was my first foray into 1 Minute Rounds. This was 6Pm class. The new format was challenging, but it was also the introduction of the mini-sleds. 5 consecutive rounds of sleds and 5 rounds of Kettlebells. Again, I was tired, but felt really good after the class. I was in the area, had nothing else on so decided to come to the 8Pm Beginners class on the same night. When I walked in, Lloyd told me I was an idiot and proceeded to run 1 MR again for the beginners class. After the second round I was done and needed a few days to recover. Lesson learnt; stick to one class each day, Do it right, Push yourself as hard as possible and get it done.

Favourite exercise

Favourite exercises would have to be bikes and squats, mainly because I can do them and don’t hurt too much. I also quite enjoy kettlebell work.

Most hated exercise

Most hated exercise has to be BURPEES!!! I think that speaks for itself. I can’t say I have found a reliable way of cheating on those, but am always on the lookout. I am also not a great fan of running, so the Bin runs are a close second.

Advice to share

Advice that I can give???? Train when you can and train hard. Don’t make excuses. If you’ve given in to excuses once, the second time becomes so much easier and is just not worth it. Don’t think about how hard the session is going to be, get your head down, do your best and afterwards look back on what you have accomplished. That’s when you’ll know what you can and can’t do. Lastly, try new things, when you start wondering if you might be ready to move from beginner to a normal class, try it. Trust the trainers, when they push you, go with it, you’d be surprised what you can accomplish.